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Minecraft is one of the greatest success stories in gaming. Played by millions of people around the world, the combination of crafting, adventuring, and building has captured player’s imaginations and won the game a passionate fanbase. Whether players wish to spend their time exploring the incredible randomly generated maps or building impressive structures, there is always something to do.

Minecraft also contains all manner of different animals, and many of them can be tamed and will act as loyal companions. Foxes are one such creature, although taming them is not an easy thing to do. Foxes cannot be tamed in the same way that other animals can, and instead, players must breed them to create a young fox that will be loyal to them.

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The first step is to find some wild foxes. Foxes can appear in the normal, snowy, and giant tree Taigas. Red foxes will appear in the normal and giant tree Taigas, while white foxes will spawn in the snowy biome. They will appear in groups of two or more and will mostly sleep during the day and be far more active at night time. If players plan to breed these animals, then tracking them down during the day is the best approach.

There are a couple of steps involved in breeding foxes. First, players will need to sneak around the biome during the day to find them. After locating two foxes that are sleeping close together, build a wall that is two blocks high around them so that they cannot run away. Players should ensure they are crouching so as not to wake the foxes up while they build the wall.

Players will then need to give the foxes sweet berries to get them to breed. Sweet berries can be found in all Taiga variants and are easy to find. It is best to ensure that players have some of these sweet berries before tracking down the foxes. Once the foxes breed, they will produce a young fox that will want to follow the parent animals and the player. While it is possible to usher the young fox away from the parents, this is made much easier by using a lead. Leads can be made at a crafting table by placing two pieces of string in the first and second boxes of the first row, another piece of string and a slimeball in the first and second boxes of the second row, and a final piece of string in the last box of the third row.

When the lead is used on the young fox, it will follow the player and stop trying to go back to its parents after moving far away. Players that struggle to find foxes without spooking them, causing them to run away, may benefit from using an Invisibility Potion to gain the upper hand.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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