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Minecraft is a name instantly recognizable among gamers of all types. Part of the allure is the wide range of crafting recipes players can dig into. Of the many items available in Minecraft, Smooth Stone requires a bit more effort to claim. So check out this guide for more information on collecting the elusive block.

Smooth Stone is a block that is found in the wild or made through crafting. Regardless of the method, those playing will first need to create a real pickaxe. As fans should know, this simply means putting two sticks and three units of tool material together in the shape of the letter T. Once that is made, the crafter is ready to begin their hunt for Smooth Stone.

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The easiest way is to roam around the current area looking for a bunch of regular stone. Found by mountains or underground, this is pretty straightforward to nab. Keep an eye out for any logs or coal blocks, because the resource will be necessary later in this process. Using 8 blocks of stone and a versatile crafting table, make a furnace. Then, put the remaining stone in the top slot and the fuel, logs or coal, in the bottom slot. Wait a smidge of time and Smooth Stone will appear in the output slot to the right.

However, there are other ways to locate Smooth Stone without the hassle of crafting. Depending on the area, there may be a village around. Head to the town and look for the Mason’s house. Found within is a chest, and typically it should have some Smooth Stone to grab free of charge. Of the best biomes for survival, players exploring plains, savanna, or snowy tundra, should check out nearby villages. The butcher’s house has Smooth Stone slabs and blocks as part of the structure. Just whip out the trusty pickaxe and get to work mining.

Now that a hefty stash of Smooth Stone is available, what can players do with it? With 3 Smooth Stones and 5 Iron Ingots, the furnace can change into a blast furnace. Just put the regular furnace in the middle slot, the Smooth Stones across the bottom slots, and the Iron Ingots in the remaining spots. Smooth Stone can also turn into a bundle of 6 Slabs if 3 of the blocks are put across the bottom row of a crafting table.

With so many recipes to discover, it is no shock players are still enjoying what Minecraft has to offer. Its performance and adoption rate over the years on multiple platforms supports its surprising success story. Fortunately, fans should have no problem acquiring Smooth Stone for their collection. But with so many tasks to complete at any given time, following a guide is the best way.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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