Minecraft Developers Explain New Cave Generation Features

Mojang has released a new Minecraft Snapshot that lets players see some of the new features coming to the next version of the game before the upcoming patch fully releases. This newest look gives players a hands-on view of the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update that plans to rework how the game builds the underground networks of caves where exploration and material gathering takes place.

In a blog post to the official Minecraft website, Mojang discussed everything that this new Snapshot brings to the game, with an emphasis on the cave part of Caves & Cliffs. If all goes as planned, this new way of building caves will make diving into the deeper holes of the game a much more streamlined experience.

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According to the blog post, the features in this most recent Minecraft Snapshot will take two specific tactics towards how the AI builds caves, classified as Cheese and Spaghetti. For the “Cheese” caves, the game will generate a somewhat more connected system of tunnels, similar to the crisscrossing holes drilled through a block of Swiss cheese. The other type of caves, the “Spaghetti,” will take a more extended path, stretching out like long strands of spaghetti as the cave burrows across longer distances than the cheese type.

These new methods of building being introduced in Minecraft‘s upcoming Caves & Cliffs update are also known as noise caves, which will now be built alongside the older method of building caves. The idea behind these noise caves and their “Cheese” and “Spaghetti” building patterns is to add a level of variety, which can intersect with the older style of underground structures and even make familiar cave entrances. Though, they will also be bringing an entirely new mechanic along with them known as aquifers, which will give these caves their own water levels separate from the sea level across the rest of the world.

Altogether, the Caves & Cliffs update looks like it could be bringing a whole new level of complexity to exploring underground and enhance the mining portion of Minecraft. The addition of new cave building features, as well as the aquifer’s adjustable water levels, could also open up for more mods and adventure packs once the update goes live. For now, players can check out the Snapshot with a Java versions of Minecraft for anyone who would like to get an early look at exactly what Mojang has planned for the coming update.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Switch.

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Source: Minecraft.net