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Minecraft is getting some brand-new content to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year. There are many online games that are getting content for the Lunar New Year, including Pokemon GO and Genshin Impact, and Minecraft isn’t going to be missing out on the festivities.

Recently, Mojang and Microsoft announced that some exclusive content is going to be coming to the Minecraft Marketplace to celebrate the Year of the Ox. This exclusive content comes to Minecraft in the form of free skins that players can download and use, as well as curated content such as a map with Asian-style temples and landscapes.

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The information comes from PlayStation’s official YouTube channel, where a short trailer was uploaded detailing the content coming for the upcoming holiday. According to the trailer, players can download the content for free between February 9 and 15 on the Minecraft Marketplace. The Asian-inspired architecture present throughout the trailer is pretty stunning, and looks expertly created through Minecraft‘s blocky, simplistic art style. Additionally, the free skins included with the pack look fun, with a handful of the skins reflecting Minecraft‘s own cows and mooshrooms as a reference to the Year of the Ox.

Lunar New Years are significant, not only because it’s a major holiday in many different cultures, but because the yearly animals cycle out and reappear every 12 years. For example, the last time the Year of the Ox appeared in the Lunar New Year was 2009. Of course, this Lunar New Year is also significant because many people celebrating this year won’t be able to spend it with their loved ones due to the ongoing pandemic. Hopefully, those families who enjoy playing games together may decide to hold virtual celebrations in games like Minecraft, so they can safely celebrate together while having some fun.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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