Microsoft Job Listing Hints At New, Unannounced Halo Project

According to a job listing posted on Microsoft’s website, an unannounced new Halo game is currently in the works over at 343 industries. The title appears to be separate from the team’s work on the next mainline iteration of the series, Halo Infiniteand is described as a “new project” set within the IP’s expansive science fiction universe.

According to the listing, Microsoft is looking for a producer to help guide the new game, claiming the job offers applicants the opportunity “to work on one of the most exciting and creative intellectual properties.” It also cites that they will be joining the developers over at 343, implying that this new Halo endeavor won’t be outsourced to a new studio while Halo Infinite remains the team’s primary project.

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Although there’s little information hinting towards what this mysterious project could wind up being, 343 definitely has several options for spin-off experiences. Halo Warsfor example, hasn’t been revisited since 2017, with the series building a cult-fanbase through its strategy-focused take on the sci-fi world. Meanwhile, a side-story similar in scope to Halo 3: ODST or Halo: Reach would be a big draw, with both titles becoming revered for focusing on more grounded stories set in the Halo universe.

It could be something entirely new altogether, however, with the vast nature of the license’s world granting it the flexibility to be adapted into a variety of genres and tell an array of stories. Whatever it is, it’s interesting to know that Halo Infinite won’t be the only Halo experience fans can look forward to playing in the foreseeable future, in spite of 343 telling players that Infinite would the last entry in the franchise for the next decade. It definitely hints that, regardless of what it is, it won’t be a mainline sequel to Halo Infinite.

Speaking of the next entry in the series, Infinite is getting ready to land on the Xbox Series X at the end of this year, with 343 spending a long time refining it into an experience worthy of marketing the next-generation console. After releasing gameplay last year, fans weren’t all too impressed with the graphical quality of the studio’s newest take on the series, with the poorly-received slice of gameplay soon leading to a full delay. 343 has since promised to be far more transparent with its community, starting a new monthly slate of updates at the tail-end of January. The first entry revealed more about the developer’s core principles while working on Infinite, as well as detailing how its designing weapons and vehicles.

An unannounced Halo project is currently in development.

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Source: Microsoft