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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a long-running series that lets players experience flying across the world and has received new updates to improve various locations and even add new ones. Previously, the developer Asobo Studio released a roadmap for a Flight Simulator UK update back in November. It would include a map update and new aerial imagery for the Wales, Scotland, and England in the UK. It was going to launch on February 11th, but those plans have changed.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Twitter account recently posted that World Update 3 would be postponed. The developer said that it needed more time to polish and put the finishing touches on the massive update’s content. This means that most of the locations and improvements to existing areas should be finished and added to the game by then.

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The update, now moved to next Tuesday, February 16, will improve existing locations in the UK as well as add new landmarks to the game. The update is going to add new aerials, new landing challenges, close to 80 new points of interest, and five new airports to the game, including Barra, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton, as well as a couple others. Players may have caught glimpses of these locales from various screenshots of Flight Simulator‘s World Update 3.

The update will add 5 new photogrammetry cities to the game with plenty of landmarks for players to see, including Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and many others. Considering how stunning locations in Flight Simulator tend to look, players will have plenty of new and improved sights in the game. Players certainly have more gorgeous locales to see while they’re flying.

The Flight Simulator is no stranger to delays, the game had previously delayed the UK map update some time ago last month. World Update 3 was originally scheduled to be released this past January 26th but was delayed to February 11 due to technical difficulties involving the update tools integrating the new cities. Now, some fans are both shocked and disappointed by this change of events, while others applauded the developer for not only its efforts but for notifying players about the delay.

Of course, some admit they would’ve like to have heard about the delay before the day of the update’s release. For now, Asobo Studio is hard at work on World Update 3 which is in its “final polish phase” and is “locked in for release” next Tuesday.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now on PC, and planned for 2021 release on the Xbox Series X/S.

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