Microsoft Brings Xbox Series X/S’ Auto HDR Feature to PC

gears 5 hivebusters

Microsoft have introduced quite a few handy backward compatibility features on Xbox Series X/S that make playing older games a better experience. FPS Boost is the most recent of those, but Auto HDR has been around since the new consoles launched. As its name suggests, it natively adds HDR to certain games that didn’t originally support it back when they first released. It’s been used to pretty good effect so far, and now, the feature has been brought over to PC as well.

As detailed by Microsoft program manager Hannah Fisher in a recent blog post, Auto HDR has now launched in preview for Windows, and right out the gate, it supports over a thousand DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 compatible games. Right now, Auto HDR on PC is only available to those who’re part of the Windows Insiders program, and right now, there’s no word on when it will launch in full and be available to everyone.

Meanwhile, a recent Xbox Series X/S update added toggles for Auto HDR and FPS Boost to the consoles. Read more on that through here.