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The Mass Effect universe is filled with many species. However, all of them are capable of utilizing tech to their advantage. Rather than using biotics, grenades or soldier-based abilities, some choose to use technology. As such, Shepard could want to consider a tech specialist for their squad. These combatants offer a different skill set, one that is focused on hacking and decoys.

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Across the trilogy, numerous squadmates use technology. Some choose to hack while others take advantage of elements such as fire and ice. All of them are capable of complimenting the Commander and other teammates, but who is the best techie to have graced the Mass Effect trilogy?

7 Kaidan Alenko

Kaidan is one of the rare squadmates that can fall under two power types, one being tech and the other biotic. Unfortunately, Alenko proved to be a rather lackluster companion on the biotic side of things, and his usefulness as a tech user doesn’t fare much better. Due to Kaidan being a hybrid user, he lacks a punch, especially since his abilities do not compliment each other well. Moreover, near enough, Shepard can find every power Alenko has elsewhere. An impressive feat given how many there are. As the series goes on, Kaidan leans more towards his biotics, even if he shares technology roots.

6 Garrus Vakarian

The Turian has multiple tech capabilities in Mass Effect. However, in subsequent games, he is more of a soldier with just one tech ability to compliment his other skills. As such, despite a rather impressive showing in the first game, Garrus does fall to the bottom of the pile in comparison to other teammates that use tech abilities. Of course, this is purely based on tech powers. Garrus is actually one of the best squad members Shepard has at their disposal. When considering his firearms and all abilities, Vakarian is a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.


EDI is only a squad member in Mass Effect 3, and frankly, this is a good thing. At least when compared to other tech specialists. As is standard with many teammates, including the odd biotic, EDI has the overload ability. It can come in handy when dropping shields, but it can be found elsewhere. However, she does also have incinerate, a talent that is not shared by another squad member in Mass Effect 3. Nor is her decoy ability, which, as the name suggests, is designed to distract enemies.

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Weapons-wise, she is packing a submachine gun and pistols. While she may not be the best tech specialist, there is room for EDI among the Mass Effect 3 squad. If for no other reason than her budding relationship with Joker and the banter she can engage in on missions.

4 Legion

Shepard Commander, Legion can be quite helpful in a fight, but he is not necessarily the best option. However, should Shepard be after a teammate that shoots from a distance with a sniper and can use tech, then the Geth is their guy. Their abilities allow them to hack AI, deploy combat drones and use a shield boost.

Meanwhile, its passive Geth infiltrator ability sees its weapon damage and health increased. However, while Legion could fit into a fireteam, there are other squadmates, such as Tali, who not only has the same AI hack and drones, but she can actually boost team defenses, not just her own.

3 Mordin Solus

Mordin is a fun and unique character and happens to be the only Salarian squad member in the entire series. Given he is a scientist, it should come as no surprise that he uses tech on the battlefield. However, the crazy scientist has a different approach to other tech experts.

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Instead of hacks, AI and drones, Mordin utilizes powers such as incinerate and cryo blast. As the names indicate, one burns enemies to the ground while the other freezes them in place, waiting for Shepard to smash them to pieces. These abilities make Mordin a standout, especially given incinerate can harm more than one foe at a time.

2 Kasumi Gato

The master thief is also a master with technology, proving her worth on the battlefield. Kasumi is able to cloak herself, making her invisible for a short period of time. Until she strikes an enemy from behind, dealing considerable damage. Gato is also equipped with overload and flashbang grenades. The pair overload shields and blind the enemy, respectfully.

Essentially, Kasumi sets up the Commander for some hard-hitting combos. There is no denying the devastation that the pair can cause, especially against synthetic opponents. As for her class, Master Thief, Kasumi can either have a weapon focus or knock down the recharge time of her abilities considerably. Not bad, especially since players originally had to pay for her.

1 Tali’Zorah vas Normandy

Ah Tali, nobody can deny how much of a tech-head the lovable Qurian is. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that she utilizes technology when in a fight. Furthermore, Tali’Zorah is the only tech specialist that serves as a team member for the entire trilogy. In contrast, others tend to be available for just one game as an actual squadmate.

Now, she may have two of the same abilities as Legion, combat drone and AI hacking, but her loyalty ability is energy drain. While the Geth would give itself a shield, Tali actually gives the whole squad a shield boost. True team player. Not to mention that the Quarian is a squad member in all games from the trilogy. No other techie has proven to be that dedicated to the Commander.

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