Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Screenshot Comparisons Show Impressive Visual Upgrades

Mass Effect Legendary Edition (3)

BioWare and EA have confirmed that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be launching this May, and will be compiling remastered versions of the original trilogy in a single package (at long last). Several visual upgrades have been promised, with Mass Effect 1 in particular receiving significant improvements (some in gameplay as well), and we have a couple of screenshot comparisons here to give you a better idea of what those will look like.

Something that BioWare have focused on a lot, especially with Mass Effect 1, is rebuilding environments and levels with redone assets and additional visual effects and elements to make them pop that much more, and the first of the two comparisons below is a perfect example of that. Meanwhile, character models across all three games have also seen plenty of enhancements, and the second comparison shows Thane from Mass Effect 2’s before and after shots. Take a look by clicking on the images to view them in full size.

We’ve recently learned a lot about what improvements and enhancements you can expect to see in the remastered trilogy. Get all the details through here.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out on May 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Mass Effect Legendary EditionMass Effect Legendary Edition
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Mass Effect Legendary Edition