Mass Effect: Andromeda's Peebee Romance Is Fun, Flirty, and Satisfying

The Mass Effect series has continuously drawn in players for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy Mass Effect for the setting and plot, while others take more joy in the RPG aspects of the games. BioWare has had a long-term reputation for crafting clever and heart-warming romances, and February is the perfect time to celebrate them. Besides housing Valentine’s Day, February is also known as “Creative Romance Month,” and BioWare has made some of the most memorable, creative romance storylines possible, especially in the Mass Effect franchise.

Though Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn’t very well-received upon release, its Steam rating eventually picked up and things weren’t as dire as they first appeared to be. One of the best parts of Andromeda, as well as the predecessor games, were the alien romances players were able to embark on. Romancing asari Pelessaria B’Sayle, Peebee, is a fun, rewarding experience for players as they help her open up and admit that it’s okay to have feelings.

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Peebee is spunky. The first moment players meet Peebee, she tackles Ryder to the ground, which is only a taste of her recklessness. After recruiting Peebee onto the Pathfinder team, she turns an escape pod into her room instead of sleeping with the rest of the crew. Despite her distance from the rest of them, Peebee seems to get along well with almost everyone else on the crew.

The only exception to her generally joking nature is Dr. Lexi T’Perro, the only other asari aboard the Tempest. It seems that Peebee is so hostile toward Dr. T’Perro because she’s afraid of having labels put on her and thrown into a category based on whatever Dr. T’Perro finds in her brain. Peebee is incredibly intelligent, but also says things how it is – this may be courtesy of the fact her father was an elcor.

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Due to her ornery nature, Peebee makes it clear that she’s a bit hard to tie down. In fact, players can choose to have Ryder (male or female) “blow off steam” with Peebee, leading to a no-strings-attached relationship with her, even if players want to romance a different crew member. However, unlike Jack’s romance, starting a no-strings relationship will not jeopardize future romance options with Peebee, and she can still be locked in as players’ only romantic interest when the time comes.

Peebee’s romance is endearing because it sees her break down the walls she built up so far in her life, and also learn a bit more about her time with Kalinda and what that relationship meant to her. Kalinda was emotionally abusive to Peebee and left her without a second glance as soon as the moment suited her – that kind of abandonment definitely hurts, which is probably why Peebee never really let anyone else in.

That is, of course, until she gets to know Ryder. The Pathfinder helps Peebee see that finding a home is okay, even if Peebee is a wandering adventurer at heart. However, it’s also Peebee’s own morals that tell Ryder to let Kalinda live during her loyalty mission, even though the other asari was so horrible to her in the past. Peebee’s got a good heart, she just didn’t know how to connect with it until someone showed her it was okay to. When she finally melds with Ryder in their big romance scene, it’s a sweet moment where she trusts the Pathfinder completely.

Peebee’s rambunctious personality may not be for every player, but she’s definitely got one of the best romances in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Peebee is quirky, fun, and yet sensitive once players get to peel back those exterior layers.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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