Mass Effect: All Human Squad Members In The Franchise, Ranked

In a galaxy and squad filled with aliens, there are a few humans that Shepard encounters. Some of them prove to be vital in their fight against the Collectors and the Reapers. Showing that humans should not be underestimated, and they certainly are not weak. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone. No matter what, there will always be a couple of duds, and Mass Effect is no exception.

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Therefore, which human squad members deserve to fight by Shepard’s side? Who has that fiery personality that could rival a Krogan? And, who shows such little character and fighting spirit that they could be mistaken for an Elcor? It is time to take a look at the humans who can fight alongside Commander Shepard and Pathfinder Ryder.

10 Kaidan Alenko

Honestly, it was a coin flip as to who would take the bottom spot, and Kaidan Alenko is the one who lost out. He just beat Jacob Taylor to the prize. Alenko appears as a squad member in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3, so he had a second chance to turn things around.

A chance that the Lieutenant clearly didn’t take. It has been established that there are better teammates in every possible way, from battlefield prowess to personality and romance.

9 Jacob Taylor

OK, so Taylor is only a squadmate in Mass Effect 2, thankfully. No need to put up with the Cerberus soldier a second time around. In fact, Jacob is barely seen in Mass Effect 3, pretty considerate of him. On the battlefield, Jacob uses biotics, which is part of why he ranks so low.

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There is nothing wrong with biotics, far from it, but he is part of a squad filled to the brim with biotically charged squadmates. All of which happen to have better abilities than him.

8 Cora Harper

Did Cora have to come to Andromeda? Seriously, there are no redeeming qualities to this character. She likes to boast about her biotics, which would be fine if she was as powerful as those back in the Milky Way. But she isn’t.

Harper makes a big deal out of biotics, as though she is an outcast due to them, and that isn’t true. Her personality could be why she is left out at parties. Cora is very by the book, yet offers nothing in combat to put her above other team members. Looking for a biotic? Perhaps Ryder wants to consider Peebee, at least missions will be more entertaining.

7 James Vega

If there is one word to describe James Vega, it would be forgettable. There isn’t anything wrong with James, he is an above-average soldier and performs well in a squad. However, he just isn’t memorable. In a franchise filled to the brim with fascinating characters, James fades to the background.

James doesn’t have a big personality, whereas other humans such as Jack have huge presences. It would be impossible to forget someone like her. Furthermore, there is nothing unique from James in terms of abilities, all that is on offer can be found elsewhere.

6 Liam Kosta

Liam’s issue is somewhat similar to James’s, except he is still known due to the squad being so small. However, both human teammates in Andromeda are outshined by their alien counterparts in every possible way, from combat prowess to banter and personality.

Kosta seems like a nice guy, but that doesn’t make him fun. In a new galaxy, things should be exciting. Moreover, Kosta isn’t the most powerful on the battlefield either.

5 Zaeed Massani

This mercenary is a DLC character, which means players had to pay for Zaeed Massani back in 2010. Unfortunately, Massani did not match up to fellow DLC character Kasumi Goto. There was very little to him. He is a merc who messed with the wrong people and needs some help, which is not very exciting.

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Massani’s loyalty mission can end two ways, one of which means Zaeed will not return to the Normandy. This is fine. Shepard will not lose any sleep over this decision. Massani admittedly can have interesting conversations, though they quickly turn repetitive and dull. Moreover, he doesn’t offer anything unique in terms of combat.

4 Ashley Williams

The fact that Ashley Williams ranks so high is quite shocking. Yet, it goes to show just how much better alien squad members tend to be than humans. Had Ashley only been a team member in Mass Effect, she would have ranked among the worst squad members in the franchise. However, she returns to the squad in Mass Effect 3, and despite still being a prejudiced and questionable human, she has grown.

At the very least, Mass Effect fans know who Ashley is. Love her or hate her, Williams did make an impact. Though her personality could do with some work and being a pure soldier means she offers little combat support for a fully geared Commander.

3 Kasumi Gato

Kasumi Gato is one of the more interesting humans to be found within Mass Effect. She has an interesting backstory and one of the best loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2. More than that, she is a formidable fighter on the battlefield.

As a tech specialist, Kasumi is able to sneak up on the enemy through the use of her cloak ability. She can also use smoke bombs, perfect for blinding the enemy and striking at the perfect moment. Furthermore, she has an interesting personality and can prove to be a loyal friend.

2 Miranda Lawson

The ever-perfect Miss Lawson, while she, like many humans, has her flaws, she is one incredible woman. Granted, her biotics might not be quite on par with Jack’s, who can have her powers ramped up through research, but Miranda is still more valuable than the likes of Jacob Taylor. She also happens to be one of the best romance options in the franchise.

However, the main reasons Miranda ranks so high are her character and storyline. She is so cold at first that the Commander could feel as though they are walking through the polar ice caps. Yet, there as Shepard points out, “there is a person under there” just waiting to be discovered. Her story is one that has a great start in Mass Effect 2 and goes up a notch in Mass Effect 3. However, this does cause her romance to take a knock come the third game.

1 Jack

The top three were truly difficult to split, as all three women had good arguments to be considered the top human squadmate. However, when considering all appearances, stories, and character growth, Jack just comes out on top. As an insanely powerful biotic, Subject Zero is certainly the best human teammate in terms of battle prowess. Her high aggressive offense makes her an asset to all Commanders.

As for her character, Jack is a complex riddle just waiting to be solved, and a patient Shepard is highly rewarded. Undoubtedly, her romance is the most rewarding of the bunch, and it carries over from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3. However, never fear, for that foul mouth and blunt tone will forever remain.

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