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Talk about finding love in a hopeless place. It is time to go to war with the Reapers, but it is so much better to fight with some people by Shepard’s side. As such, Mass Effect 3 offers a range of romances. Many of which were established in previous games. A couple may have even begun in Mass Effect.

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So, who will Shepard choose to spend what could be their final days with? Will it be an old flame, or will they carry on what was started in Mass Effect 2? Then again, maybe love has alluded them thus far, and they still need to find that special someone. Thankfully, Mass Effect has all Shepards covered.

9 Kaidan Alenko

He wasn’t a fun romance in Mass Effect and time has done no favors for Kaidan Alenko. However, he is now romanceable for both genders, rather than being female exclusive. Therefore, should a male Shep still be single and after no excitement or stimulating conversation, hit Alenko up.

Compared to most other romanceable characters in the game, Kaidan has shown very little character growth. Impressive really, given he was part of the team in the first game.

8 Steve Cortez

One of two romance options introduced in Mass Effect 3, Steve Cortez is exclusive to male Shepards only. While there is nothing wrong with the pilot, he just happens to be forgettable. There really isn’t too much to say about Steve, he is stationed on the Normandy and flies the shuttle. Other than that, there isn’t a lot going on.

A new romance just seems pointless at this stage in the series. Relationships have likely been formed already, and Mass Effect 3 is where everything reaches its conclusion.

7 Ashley Williams

Unlike Alenko, Ashley Williams has shown some semblance of growth. Granted, it is not as much as other characters, but it is there nonetheless. Her romance in Mass Effect 3 leaves much to be desired. Perhaps it is due to her being non-existent in Mass Effect 2, save for an icy encounter on Horizon. But, even if she had been romanced in the first game, she just can’t seem to let the little things go. Should Shepard have found himself in the arms of Jack, Tali, or Miranda in Mass Effect 2, after having romanced Williams in the first game, he can expect an earful from a very jealous soldier.

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Yet, Ashley will not acknowledge any wrongdoing. Shepard, and Shepard alone, is the reason they had relationship issues. Unfortunately for Williams, there are a number of possible romances for a male Shepard, all of which are far more fulfilling.

6 Samantha Traynor

The second new romance option is Samantha Traynor, though she can only be wooed by a female Commander. Exploring a relationship with Traynor is certainly more interesting than with Cortez. However, there is one vital component that she is missing: history.

Many of the other romances in Mass Effect 3 were formed in the previous two games. Bonds have already been created, and frankly, it can seem like more effort to develop a new relationship with Traynor. At least, she is slightly more memorable than Cortez. Slightly.

5 Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy

Shepard and Tali have been through hell together, twice. For their third outing, should they be a couple, there are some testing moments to be had. As with most squad members, Tali can lose her life in the climax of the Mass Effect trilogy. To see her romance reach a fitting end, Shepard needs to make some smart choices.

The relationship with Tali’Zorah is sweet and is worth exploring for a Commander that is after peace rather than excitement. As a character, the Quarian has grown over the years. However, should she be romanced, there is even more to uncover. Ever wondered what is under the mask? Embark on a romance with this intriguing alien to find out.

4 Miranda Lawson

Many would agree that Miss Lawson is quite the catch. However, there is a reason that she has not quite cracked the top three romances in Mass Effect 3. While her storyline in the game plays well and is worth exploring, it leaves those in a relationship with her wanting something more. Shepard will see less of the former Cerberus operative than he will other potential love interests. Furthermore, the only time she will profess her true feelings is when she is dying, which only occurs if Shepard lets her down.

However, no matter what way things go, Lawson grows as a person. Gone is the ice queen first encountered in Mass Effect 2, replaced by a caring woman. Her romance is worth exploring and rewarding in its own way, even if it does lack some depth. However, the Citadel DLC does give some much-needed time with Miranda. Although make no mistake, the final goodbye with Lawson is underwhelming, to say the least.

3 Liara T’Soni

Liara T’Soni is one of the few relationships that Shepard can form where the love between them is evident. Romanceable by both genders, she is a great choice for a Commander with a big heart. Furthermore, unlike Ashley, Liara will not hold it against Shepard should they have found love aboard the Normandy SR-2. Making it that bit easier to return to this blue goddess in Mass Effect 3, assuming the love fizzled out from Mass Effect 2. As one of the few possible romances that will be by Shepard’s side until the bitter end, there are some hard-hitting scenes with the Asari. Saying goodbye to Liara is rough, especially if it is done on the battlefield.

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Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as Liara will return in the next Mass Effect. Who knows, should Shepard be around perhaps this romance could truly stand the tests of time.

2 Garrus Vakarian

The Turian was always going to rank high. He is a fan-favorite character, which makes him popular for those looking for love in the Milky Way. Unlike other entries on this list, Garrus remains a squadmate following his romance in Mass Effect 2. Naturally, this gives his romance longevity as the Turian is always around. As such, there are more sincere moments to be found. Garrus deserves the attention of a female Commander for many reasons, one of which being how much the awkward Turian cares.

Ultimately, goodbyes are tough and saying farewell to a loyal friend, lover, and companion is the worst.

1 Jack

Jack just might be the most fulfilling romance from the entire Mass Effect series. There are so many layers to both the relationship and her as a character. A patient Shepard is highly rewarded in Mass Effect 2, while the rewards keep on coming should he remain loyal to the psychotic biotic come Mass Effect 3. Jack’s character growth in the final entry is incredible. Yes, she is still the same abrasive, foul-mouthed woman the world loves, but she has also become responsible.

Jack cares, deeply at that, for various people other than herself. No doubt thanks in part to Commander Shepard. While she may not be a squad member, there are several moments to be had between the couple. One of the sweetest occurs in the Citadel DLC. All Jack needed was someone to love her.

However, it is such a shame that the goodbye scene with Jack is via a video call. She deserved better than that.

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