Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye Add-On Has Fans Concerned About Spider-Man DLC

Marvel’s Avengers recently grew a bit larger with the addition of Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye. While Barton may play well and add some much-needed variety to Marvel’s Avengers, fans have pointed out how he exposes one key issue with the game that could appear in Spider-Man’s expansion.

While Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Spider-Man’s DLC is far off, one issue that this version of Peter Parker could ultimately struggle with has been pointed out by the game’s community. One of the things that is integral to adapting the web-slinger, whether it be in a film or video game, is his movement. From web-swinging to wall-crawling, capturing the hero’s speed and style is crucial to making him feel good to play as. Unfortunately, some believe that Marvel’s Avengers does not have the systems in place to make Spidey’s traversal work.

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A clip from Reddit user Dependent-Plant-5732 depicts Clint Barton’s Hawkeye moving through one of the game’s cities, showing off how slowly he gets around when swinging between lampposts. Mentioning how Captain America and Hulk also have movement issues, both of which are significant enough problems to make the characters less fun to play, the fan calls for a full rework of the movement system. While it remains to be seen if it will happen, many commenters seem to be in agreeance.

Considering that Spider-Man’s movement consists of swinging, this could certainly become an issue when he arrives. While players can expect a lot from Spidey’s DLC, movement issues may sadly be a problem. After all, a majority of the game’s missions take place in massive areas with clear skies so heroes like Thor and Iron Man can zoom around the map. While this is good for them, this is bad for Spider-Man, as it leaves the hero with nothing to attach his webs to. As such, Spidey will either be unable to web-swing often or will attach his webs to clouds — both of which would be unsatisfying.

Unfortunately, while Marvel’s Avengers fans have praised the game’s load times on PS5, clearly even the next-gen upgrades have major issues to rectify. As pointed out by Redditor TheGameShark99, the true issue with the traversal seen in the Hawkeye clip is how players slow down at the end of each swing. The result is a slow system that makes these characters a pain to move around with, even if they are fun to use in a battle.

For now, though, fans will need to wait and see if Crystal Dynamics has any traversal reworks planned. Hopefully, the Marvel’s Avengers roadmap sees this change added, as Spider-Man’s big debut could prove disappointing without some major changes.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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