Marvel's Avengers: Everything We Know About the Hawkeye DLC

Marvel’s Avengers fans have known for some time now that original Hawkeye Clint Barton would be coming as DLC, as the hero was announced before the game even launched. While the various problems with Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers project have led to the character and his expansion being pushed back, today’s War Table finally confirmed when Hawkeye will be coming to the game. Fans were also given a good luck as to what his DLC will entail, as gameplay was shown that gave a look at Barton in action.

While Hawkeye’s appearance in Marvel’s Avengers will likely not fix the game, as larger expansions and pieces of content will be needed for that to happen, his DLC does look like a fun enough experience. With a new setting, intriguing villain, and strong setup for a storyline, there is a good bit to look forward to. With alternate skins revealed as well, here is everything that Marvel’s Avengers fans currently know about Hawkeye’s DLC.

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Marvel’s Avengers players wondering when the game’s next DLC hero will arrive need to wonder no longer, as it has been confirmed that Clint Barton will debut on March 18. Rather than just arriving on PC and last-gen consoles, though, Hawkeye will be appearing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well. The next-gen versions of Marvel’s Avengers will finally be releasing on the same day as Hawkeye’s DLC, making for a solid double dose of content that gives players a reason to check out the game once again. When the next-gen versions arrive, they will be bringing fresh trophy and achievement lists along with them, though the objectives remain the same and no DLC trophies will be added.

When Hawkeye makes his debut, there will be several cosmetic items for players to strive for. With a new Challenge Card to complete as well as additions to the shop, players can expect several new titles and emotes related to Hawkeye, with a few special poses shown in the deep dive footage. As for new skins, Hawkeye fans will have some cool ones to grind for. Not only will the classic suit be available alongside a modern outfit and the casual T-shirt look from the comics, but players can strive for a neat futuristic design as well. Unsurprisingly, Hawkeye players will be able to unlock a skin based on Ronin, Clint’s murderous, sword-wielding alter ego from the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hawkeye’s “Future Imperfect” picks up where the story of Kate Bishop’s DLC, “Taking Aim,” left off. In the present, an injured Hawkeye’s apartment is attacked by AIM, with Kate Bishop helping him defend against the attack. Clint’s dog Lucky will also feature inside the expansion, a fun nod to fans of the canine companion’s comic book role. In an alternate future that was shown through Kate Bishop’s DLC, an old version of Hawkeye is seen — with Crystal Dynamics citing the Old Man Hawkeye comic book storyline as their inspiration for his design and backstory.

This alternate reality version of Hawkeye was retired when the Kree wiped out the Avengers, leaving him to cope with the fact that he was never involved in the fight — forever wondering if he could have made a difference. The only other surviving Avenger is the Hulk, with this version of Bruce Banner twisted due to the Kree apocalypse. Serving as the main villain of the DLC and going by the name Maestro, players will likely have to take him on as Clint in the expansion’s final boss fight.

Intriguingly, it seems like Marvel fans will get play as both young and old Clint in different parts of the story, with the two crossing paths at some point in the time travel-filled narrative. Another goal of the story will be to track down Nick Fury, confirming a much larger role for the SHIELD commander inside the expansion. While players try to fix the future and before they can do battle with Maestro, they will be exploring a large wasteland. With parts of a bridge shown in the distance, the desert was clearly a city at one point, and it should make for an interesting region to explore — regardless of which Clint is being controlled.

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Lastly, and most importantly, Marvel’s Avengers fans now know how Hawkeye will play. Several things differentiate Clint Barton from Kate Bishop, with the first being the movement of the two different Hawkeyes. While Kate teleported throughout each area, Clint will fire grappling arrows to get around quickly, a move fitting of the hero’s moveset. His intrinsic ability will allow him to add an attack of his own after every dodge, with each sidestep being followed up with a quick arrow that stuns enemies. An upgrade for this ability allows Clint to turn the fired arrow into a rocket, blasting the countered enemy away.

Clint’s melee combat pulls from his time as Ronin, a classic comic storyline that will be expanded upon in the MCU’s Hawkeye series. Wielding a sword to cut through enemies, Hawkeye should have a surprisingly strong close-quarters moveset — though his bread and butter is unsurprisingly ranged combat. With Hawkeye having ten different arrow types to use and a majority having combat purposes, players should have a whole bunch of special arrows to use while fighting from a distance. These arrows include:

  • Boomerang Arrows: Like Captain America’s shield, these arrows will bounce between enemies before returning back to Clint.
  • Implosion Arrows: Functioning like Zarya’s Ultimate ability from Overwatch, these arrows suck enemies together. Grouping up opponents for Clint and his fellow Avengers to focus fire, this arrow type should get plenty of use.
  • Tripwire Arrows: Firing a three-pronged electric beam in the direction of enemies, these arrows function as Barton’s crow control skill and stun small and big enemies alike.
  • Pulsar Arrows: Building up damage over time, these arrows essentially work like chargeable mines that can be stuck to enemies.

Clint’s special Dead Eye skill allows him to highlight parts of a single enemy, focusing on a single target to deal immense damage quickly. His Support Heroic ability allows him to drop Healing arrows, creating a massive circle in the area that deploys nanomachines which heal Hawkeye and his allies. His Assault Heroic is Nightstorm Arrows, which see Clint launching a barrage of explosive arrows into the sky — with the pointed bombs raining down on any unfortunate AIM bots caught below. Finally, Hawkeye’s Hunter’s Arrow Ultimate functions as a drone, flying around the area and damaging every enemy in sight. Potential upgrades add explosive damage, focused damage, and two Hunter’s Arrows.

With Clint and Kate having two completely different kits, rumored DLC characters like War Machine could be a bit more appealing, as it seems like it is possible for two similar characters to have fully different movesets. With Kate Bishop already fun to play and Crystal Dynamics having experience with bows through the newer Tomb Raider games, fans will likely enjoy playing as Clint Barton just as much. With plenty of thought put into his story and some major comic book inspirations being clear, March 18 cannot come soon enough for Hawkeye fans.

Marvel’s Avengers is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions coming March 18.

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