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Marvel’s Avengers fans have wanted fresh objective types and mission styles for some time now, and it appears Crystal Dynamics is listening. In a new post shared on the official Marvel’s Avengers Twitter account, a new game mode called Patrol was detailed.

Patrol mode was mentioned briefly in the roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers, though little detail was provided at the time. All players were given prior to today’s Twitter post was confirmation on the setting, as Crystal Dynamics did specify the mode’s first appearance would be inside the new Wasteland space. Now more details have been provided, and it sounds like a completely different style from what Marvel’s Avengers fans are accustomed to.

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In the post, Patrol mode was described as a way to fully explore the Wasteland area, with Crystal Dynamics specifying it is the “largest War Zone to date.” When exploring the area, players will supposedly be able to go on quests, likely completing some minor missions for survivors in the Wasteland. Players will also be able to earn exclusive rewards when playing, and there will be no time limit on how long the Wasteland can be explored. Fans will also be free to fight whatever they want and complete whichever quests while patrolling.

An intriguing concept for sure, the mission type sounds like Patrols from the Destiny series for more reasons than the shared name. With potential for public events, new mission types, and lore-focused secrets, this mode’s debut could serve as a great change of pace for Marvel’s Avengers. The Wasteland is an excellent place to start, with fallen Kree corpses and destroyed structures serving as a fresh location players may want to explore to its fullest. Though no release date was specified for the debut of Patrol Mode, Crystal Dynamics did confirm it would launch sometime in the summer.

The summer season will seemingly be a busy time for Marvel’s Avengers, as several pieces of content have been confirmed to release during this window. Black Widow-themed Red Room HARM challenges will be changing up the wave-based mode, while Tachyon Anomaly missions will allow for more than one of each Avenger to appear in a mission. A Cosmic Cube villain sector has also been confirmed to release in the summer, including a big confrontation with Monica Rappaccini to give fans another reason to stick with the game.

Assuming the Patrol mission type catches on with the game’s community, it would be great to see it added to War for Wakanda as well. Exploring Black Panther’s home country could be a blast, adding yet another thing to be excited about regarding the expansion.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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