Marvel Comics' 'Alien' Series Gets An Impressive Animated Trailer

Those who are less familiar with Marvel Comics may be surprised to learn that the company does more than just the Marvel universe line of superhero comics. After Disney acquired Fox, along with a large suite of legacy properties and IP, Marvel quickly took the opportunity to grab at the Alien franchise, announcing a new line of comics based on the infamous Xenomorphs.

This new comic series hopes to explore new parts of the Alien universe that haven’t been touched by the films or other spin-offs. Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and illustrated by Salvador Larroca, the series follows Gabriel Cruz, who barely survived a Xenomorph attack while working for Weyland-Yutani many years ago. Alongside his son and his friend, a Bishop-model android, Cruz will learn that his Alien encounters are far from over.

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The first issue of the series, simply titled Alien #1, is set to release in March and will introduce readers to this new set of protagonists. In order to hype up the launch of the comic, Marvel has gone ahead and released an animated trailer to promote the first issue, which has been released on Youtube and is publicly available.

“42 years later and still, no one can hear you scream,” it begins, a callback to the Alien franchise‘s most enduring tagline. The animated trailer starts up with what seems to be someone inside a cryo-chamber, and on the outside of the glass someone has written the words, “Alien Inside.” From there the trailer gives readers a nice look at the Xenomorph itself, which is looking pin-point accurate to the original design, and just as creepy as ever.

Cruz has a lot more to worry about than just one Alien however, as the trailer goes on to show a whole nest of the things crawling all over and making themselves quite the inconvenience. Fans may also notice one or two silhouettes that seem to be hinting at new kinds of Xenomorphs that seem much larger than the traditional type, as well as just a few frames of what appears to be a Xenomorph that looks almost like a human woman.

Clearly there’s a lot going on in this latest installment to the Alien franchise, and thankfully fans don’t have much longer to wait. Soon the first issue of the comic will be up for sale and audiences can tear into the latest Xenomorph survival story later this March.

Alien #1 will be available on March 24th.

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Source: Marvel/Youtube