Magic: The Gathering Creator's New Game Roguebook Gets a Release Date

Today saw the start of Valve’s February Steam Game Festival, and with it came the availability of over 500 game demos. One of the most exciting upcoming releases participating in the Steam Game Festival is Roguebook, a rogue-lite deck-builder from Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield. Not only did Garfield and developer Abrakam SA drop a Roguebook demo, but it also opened up pre-orders for a now-confirmed release date of June 24.

Roguebook is perhaps best compared to other popular rogue-lite deck-builders currently available, the closest being Slay the Spire. Slay the Spire is just one of Roguebook‘s clear influences, however. Magic: The Gathering is an influence as well, fitting given Garfield’s design work. Players pick two heroes to play as in each run, which gives Roguebook a two-color deck. The last influence is developer Abrakam SA’s previous title Faeria and its hex-tile board game aesthetic.

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Players can download Roguebook‘s free demo now on Steam. The demo comes with four different heroes to play as, which can be mixed and matched for six different experiences. The demo will only be available for the duration of the Steam Game Festival, which ends Tuesday, February 9. Those who enjoy the demo do have another option to continue playing until launch, however.

Those who pre-order Roguebook will retain access to the demo up through release, it has now been confirmed. Pre-orders will also unlock additional features, as well as progression opportunities. Those who pre-order the Roguebook Deluxe Edition will also get 48-hour early access to the game when it’s soon to launch, though that’s a ways off.

Roguebook releases June 24 on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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