Magic: The Gathering All Strixhaven Mastery Pass Rewards

Like many online service games at this point, Magic Arena has also gotten into the season pass monetization cycle. Each new Standard-legal set, like the upcoming Strixhaven content, brings a new Set Mastery ladder for players to climb through during the three month period and the ladders include both a free and a premium tier.

Magic Arena trainers who are willing to shell out some gems for the premium Mastery Pass are able to earn a lot of additional rewards as they climb the levels (keep in mind this is totally separate from climbing the Limited and Constructed rank ladders). The full list of rewards is very tempting on paper, but players should just keep in mind that actually maxing out the Set Mastery requires a ton of dedication and will require logging in and playing the game just about every day throughout the set season.

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Despite the long grind, many players are able to get a ton of value our of the Mastery Pass and don’t mind dropping some real world dollars or hard-earned Gems on the premium track. For players who are on that path, there are some exciting rewards in store including avatars, pets, lots of packs, and some of the game’s Gold and Gem currency. The full Strixhaven Mastery Pass contents include…

Dina, Soul Steeper avatar (obtainable from the Strixhaven Mastery Tree)

Killian, Ink Duelist avatar (obtainable from the Strixhaven Mastery Tree)

Zimone, Quadrix Prodigy avatar (obtainable from the Strixhaven Mastery Tree)

Rootha, Mercurial Artist avatar (obtainable from the Strixhaven Mastery Tree)

Quintorius, Field Historian avatar (obtainable from the Strixhaven Mastery Tree)

20x booster packs (3x STX, 3x KHM, 3x ZNR, 3x M21, 3x IKO, 3x THB, 2x ELD)

10x Strixhaven mythic rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)

5x Mystical Archive ICRs

Level 91+: 1x Uncommon ICR

Professor of Zoomancy card sleeve

Silverquill Archon Exquisite card sleeve

25 Orbs (each can be redeemed for a card style or avatar on the Strixhaven Mastery Tree)

15x Common card styles

10x Uncommon card styles

1 Player Draft Token (can be redeemed for either a Premier or Traditional Draft)

4,000 gold

1,200 gems

5 Magic Book Pets (2 tiers each)

That’s definitely a lot of loot on the table and plenty of motivation for players to login daily, complete their daily quests, and earn as much XP through Daily Wins and tournament play as possible. The Mastery Pass window will start during the Strixhaven release event and players will have until the next set launches to progress through. That means the end date should come sometime in July when the Dungeons and Dragons-themed MTG set arrives.

Magic: The Gathering is available now and the Strixhaven: School of Mages set releases on April 15 for MTGO and Arena and in paper on April 23, 2021.

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Source: Wizards of the Coast