Magic Legends Open Beta Release Date Confirmed | Geisha411

Less than a month ago, Magic Legends developer Cryptic Studios confirmed that an open beta for the free-to-play ARPG was in the works. Now Cryptic is back to officially announce the open beta’s upcoming release date. Revealed during the Epic Games Store’s Spring Showcase event, Magic and ARPG fans can look forward to the launch of Magic Legends‘ open beta starting on March 23. The duration of the open beta is left unconfirmed, as no end date has yet been revealed.

The full scope of Magic Legends‘ open beta hasn’t been discussed yet, but early indications point to it being substantial. The open beta announcement trailer description says that there will be over 170 spells available alongside 5 different classes. All of these may or may not be available during the open beta, but so far there’s no mention that they won’t be. It’s even possible that the open beta will feature the full game and will just be used to stress testing and polishing purposes.

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As an added benefit to encourage players to start playing the Magic Legends open beta as soon as possible, Cryptic will be offering a special login bonus. To earn it, all players have to do is log in to the game via the Epic Games Store during the first two weeks of the open beta. The bonus includes a free character costume, creature skin, and two nameless boosts.

If it wasn’t immediately obvious from those last details about the open beta, the Magic Legends open beta is going to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. PC users will have to download the Epic Games Store client in order to download the free-to-play Magic Legends. It’s unclear if Magic Legends‘ full release will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, so stay tuned for more information.

Magic Legends releases in open beta on March 23, 2021 on PC.

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