Magic: Legends Open Beta is Now Live on PC

Magic Legends

Magic: Legends, Cryptic Studios’ action RPG spin to Magic: The Gathering, has entered open beta on PC. It’s available through Arc Games and the Epic Games Store. Downloading from the Epic Games Store will provide two drop boosts, a summon skin and a free costume for the Moorland Ranger till April 6th. Arc Games players can claim the Gavony Vigilante costume, Ogre Mortar Bruiser skin, two mission boosts and two drop boosts for free.

Magic: Legends is unique in that it allows for creating a deck of cards that serve as one’s attacks. These cards are drawn at random during battle and can be upgraded. The open beta offers five starter classes – Geomancer, Mind Mage, Beastcaller, Sanctifier and Necromancer – each with their own unique abilities and play-styles.

Players will traverse across five regions in four planes and also build up their Spark. This serves as a “personal fragment” to the Meditation Realm which provides “countless secrets.” Magic: Legends is out later this year for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Stay tuned for more details and updates for the open beta in the coming months.