Madden Player Shares Weird Overtime Finish for Simulation Game

The NFL is currently considering changing its overtime rules once again. A few years ago the rules were altered from a standard sudden death format to something that allowed each team to get at least one chance to receive the ball, as long as a touchdown was not scored by one of the two teams. However, it looks like in Madden NFL 21 a drastic change in the overtime setup has already taken place.

A Madden NFL player on Reddit noticed a rather comical finish within the game’s franchise mode. In between each week’s match, players can see an update of the happenings of the rest of the league. One particular game had an interesting outcome, which may be some sort of glitch as a result of the newest update in Madden NFL 21.

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Reddit user u/Tastychinookie posted a thread on r/Madden from their recent experience in what looks like Madden NFL 21Very comically, a week 9 outcome between the Cardinals and Dolphins ended in overtime in which Arizona beat Miami 34-7. With the current overtime rules format in the NFL, and in Madden NFL for that matter, that final score would be impossible in overtime.

While there are plenty of things that fans want to see improved on with the relatively well-received Madden NFL 21, a silly overtime issue is not the first that comes to mind. Even the new proposed NFL overtime rules would not allow for a 34-7 score. With the current overtime rules, if a game went into overtime with a score tied at 7 to 7, the highest the score could possibly go would be a 10 to 16 final.

Fans are expecting a lot for Madden NFL 22, including a much more robust Franchise Mode, more from Madden Ultimate Team, a true upgrade to next-generation, and more. While small issues like the overtime problem may seem trivial, they do tend to add up and are a part of the long list of pain points for fans of the series.

EA has already promised that Madden NFL 22 is the game that will see Franchise Mode changes, in fact, it made that announcement before Madden NFL 21 was even released. In this way, Madden NFL and the NFL itself work similarly. The NFL will often promise to make a change a few years in the future, ones that fans would think it could implement before the upcoming season. Fans are eager to see the Madden series continue to improve, which means everything from the modes having legitimate enhancements to glitches being worked on.

Madden NFL 21 is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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