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America’s team has a lot of impressive cards in Madden 21. The Cowboys are certainly one of the better theme teams in the game at this point in its life cycle. In MUT 21, theme teams offer stat benefits to players that at some point in their career wore a jersey for that respective team. For example, Tom Brady would fit into a Patriots theme team even though he is now a Buccaneer.

New players should consider a Cowboys theme team because of how many amazing players have been a part of the franchise. Namely, gamers will want to get their hands on Deion Sanders. This guide will cover the best options in MUT 21 for a Dallas themed side.

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9 Receivers

CeeDee Lamb (95 OvR)

Players that unlocked CeeDee’s Rookie Premiere card made the right decision. With upgrades and theme benefits, CeeDee will have 98 speed and 99 catching. Lamb is also above the juke and spin thresholds will all relevant stats at 90 and above.

Dez Bryant (98 OVR)

The base Dez Bryant card is insane with every important stat at 90 or above. The upgraded card is even better with a number of stats at 99 or close. Dallas theme teams will need to get their hands on this card.

Deion Sanders (95 OVR)

Players will be able to use Deion on both sides of the ball if they pick up his Falcons CB card. Sanders has pace, catching, and good route running for a player that spent most of his career on the other side of the ball. This is one of the best cards in the game because Deion can play essentially ten positions on the field.

8 Running Backs

At running back, Herschel Walker is a no-brainer. He has 96 base speed, 97 acceleration, and 91 strength with all ball carrying stats in the 90s. An upgraded Walker card is unstoppable. Defenses will need to throw three or four legends at this bell cow to take him down.

7 Quarterback

The 98 rated Prescott card is a solid option, but Randall Cunningham’s Ultimate Legends card is just too good to pass up. All of the card’s passing stats are in the 90s, and Cunningham has 93 speed, 94 acceleration, and 98 agility. With upgrades, Cunningham may be the best dual threat quarterback in MUT thus far. Cunningham is just as good of a passer than Dak, but with better speed and ball carrying traits. The 97 rated card surpasses the spin and juke thresholds as well.

6 Tight End

The tight end position is a weak spot for the team. Gamers can slot 84 OVR Jarwin at the position. The card has good enough acceleration to break free from some linebackers and the card is very good in pass protection. Players need to be careful when running with this card, however, as Jarwin will struggle in the open field.

5 Offensive Line

The Dallas Cowboys always seem to have an above average offensive line. Below are the five best five offensive linemen available.

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  • Tyron Smith T (98 OVR)
  • Larry Allen G (96 OVR)
  • Travis Frederick C (98 OVR)
  • Zack Martin (92 OVR)
  • La’el Collins (93 OVR)

4 Defensive Line

The Cowboys have very good options on the defensive line as well. Below are the four best defensive linemen cards for a Dallas theme team.

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  • Randy Gregory RE (92 OVR)
  • La’Roi Glover DT (97 OVR)
  • Charles Haley LE (99 OVR)
  • Antwaun  Woods DT (91 OVR)

3 Corner Backs

Gamers with a Dallas themed side will be able to pick up two of the elite lock down corners in the game, 96 rated Deion Sanders and 96 rated Byron Jones. Both of these cards are end game corners even without upgrades. With upgrades, the corner backs will lock down any card in the game.

2 Linebackers

Jaylon Smith is the anchor of the interior defense with 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 98 pursuit, and 96 tackling. Smith is a tackling machine that will stuff runs on the inside. On the outside, Leighton Vander Esch and Robert Quinn are solid options as well. However, Quinn will need to be used primarily as a blitz threat and run stopper. Quinn’s pass coverage stats are atrocious. Vander Esch is good in zone, but a liability in man coverage. Players will have some mishaps in the middle of the field, as none of the linebackers are savvy in coverage.

1 Safeties

96 rated Roy Williams is the only true option at strong safety. The card is amazing in zone coverage, but just serviceable in man coverage. The card will make up for shoddy man stats with acceleration, speed, and agility all in the 90s. At free safety, Cliff Harris is the best card currently available. Harris is not quite as fast as Williams, but he is great in zone and man. The card can make open field tackles as well.

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