Ludwig's Twitch Subathon Gains New Life After Almost Ending

Twitch streamer Ludwig is still holding his record-breaking subathon, and is currently on the 16th straight day of his Twitch stream. For those who have not been closely following the situation, Ludwig’s subathon started with one rule: Ludwig adds 10 seconds to his stream for every viewer that buys a subscription or donates at least 500 bits. Ten seconds doesn’t seem like a lot of time per subscription, but early into the stream, the number of subscriptions kept Ludwig’s stream timer consistently above 24 hours, leaving the stream with seemingly no end in sight.

Ludwig put a 31-day cap on the subathon, but may not have expected to still be going strong at 16 days. During the two-week stream, Ludwig has keep himself and viewers entertained with games, workouts, cooking, and having guests on stream. Ludwig currently has the most subscriptions on Twitch and has averaged 30,000 viewers in the last week of his stream. However, on the night of the 15th day, Ludwig’s subathon was in danger of ending.

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After the wave of gifted subscriptions caused the stream timer to sit consistently above the 24 hour mark, even hitting 45 hours at one point. This led the streamer to create a rule that any viewer gifting over 100 subscriptions would be banned until the end of the subathon. Last night, the stream timer dropped to two hours, leaving many wondering if the subathon would end. However, a surge in subscriptions has boosted the stream timer back up, giving the subathon new life.

Ludwig’s stream timer is currently sitting at around 5 hours, meaning the stream is not guaranteed to make it to the end of the day, but a consistent flow of subscriptions may keep the stream going even longer. Ludwig is currently playing chess, listening to jazzy video game soundtracks, and possibly thinking about how much money the subathon is making him.

The stream timer may be consistently lower due to Ludwig’s rule on viewers gifting over 100 subscriptions. However, if Ludwig did not introduce the rule, his subathon may have gotten out of control and easily hit the 31-day cap. Fellow streamer Dream has been banned for breaking the rule, after the popular Minecraft player gifted 300 subscriptions at once. Many fans supported the hilarious move from Dream, sparking the hashtag #FREEDREAM.

Ludwig’s Twitch stream may be slowing down, but the surge of subscriptions when the timer dropped to two hours means that there are many fans who are still keeping the subathon alive. Now 16 days into the stream, fans may be seeing the 31-day cap as more of a goal than a cut-off for the timer.

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