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Loop Hero offers players a huge variety of potential builds that they can experiment with as they try to survive on the loop. No matter what class of hero they are playing, there are plenty of build options to exploring, depending on the items that drop on a run. Because no two runs are ever the same, it is a good idea for players to familiarize themselves with the game’s various mechanics to best take advantage of those items.

In Loop Hero, Vampirism is a stat the can appear on certain items that can drop from dead enemies. It can appear on armor items or weapons and will grant the hero a specific amount of lifesteal, depending on the level of the item drop. The Vampirism buff will combine across all items that possess it, so if two items drop that give 10% Vampirism, and both are equipped, the hero will have a combined 20% Vampirism.

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This then means that attacks from the hero will steal back that percentage of the damage they do in the form of health. If an attack does 50 damage, and the character has 20% Vampirism, they will heal for 10 health points from the attack. Vampirism can be a great augment to the other healing methods in the game, such as health potions, campfires, or the daily health gained from Meadows and Blooming Meadows.

Players looking to take advantage of Vampirism should be watchful for higher-level drops that offer a great percentage of Vampirism as a run goes on. They can also build attack speed, as the faster they attack, the quicker they will heal. The base damage caused by the hero is also very important, as a high Vampirism stat will not be effective if the overall damage done by an attack is too low.

Vampirism can be an effective strategy against some boss fights in the game, such as the Lich, but will need to be backed up by a large health pool. As a tactic, it can be negated by enemies that do damage at a greater rate than the Vampirism stat can heal, or enemies with high evasion stats, as attacks will only heal if they do damage. Large groups of Bandits and Goblins can cause a lot of trouble for Vampirism builds due to the number of targets, rate of incoming damage, the high evasion stats for those enemies.

Of course, delicately balancing build options and experimenting over multiple runs may not appeal to all players, so they may want to explore some cheats for Loop Hero instead.

Loop Hero is available now on Linux, Mac, and PC.

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