Loop Hero Developer Confirms More Content Coming Down the Road

To say that Loop Hero is a success would be an understatement, as Four Quarters and Devolver Digital’s roguelite autobattler is a breakout success on Steam. By nature of the beast, players will likely end up spending a lot of time with the game, as there is a lot of grinding involved in upgrading the town fully and each expedition will take some time to fully develop the loop. Despite this and the game’s initial success, it doesn’t seem as though Four Quarters is planning on taking a break, as it has revealed in a recent interview with Geisha411 that more content will be added sometime down the road.

Loop Hero‘s story is split up into chapters, and although it may seem short at first glance, the game is rather involved. Players can spend endless time making their hero more powerful, upgrading their town, and remembering the perfect world, but more content is always nice.

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“Since the release we have been working on fixing bugs, most likely the next few days we will do the same. We aim to make the game work flawlessly for all players. Right now we are working on a ‘quality of life’ patch that will add the handy features that players are asking for.After that we already have plans of what to add to the game, so stay tuned!”

The first bit of new content that fans can expect from Loop Hero is a quality of life patch. After fixing some of the initial bugs and exploits within Loop Hero and making the experience smoother all around, blinch expresses a desire to add in highly requested features from fans. Quality of life updates such as this tend to be a godsend, and although Loop Hero is certainly an enjoyable game, there are definitely some areas that could use this type of touch up to make it more accessible and easy to play.

“We will add new content, and we have a lot of plans for that. During development, we put a lot of our ideas off to post-release, so now is the time to work on it.”

There are currently four chapters in Loop Hero, so it could be that this additional content is another chapter or something of the sort. Understandably, Loop Hero‘s game composer, sound designer, and game designer, blinch, wasn’t able to say much about Four Quarters’ future plans for the game, but at the very least he did confirm that there’s more to come. This could even be in the form of new tiles, combinations, classes, town upgrades, enemies, resources, and more. At this point, it seems like the possibilities are endless for Loop Hero to continue to grow. Players should keep an eye out for more information from Four Quarters or Devolver Digital about the future of Loop Hero.

Loop Hero is available now on PC.

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