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In Little Nightmares 2‘s Chapter 4, players must navigate through a series of dilapidated buildings as they attempt to escape the Thin Man’s grasp. Unlike Little Nightmares 2‘s previous chapters which placed a heavy focus on evading pursuers, Chapter 4 focuses mainly on puzzle solving.

The two most complicated puzzles that players will face in the chapter are the two elevator puzzles. Unfortunately, unlike the chess puzzle in Chapter 1 which gave players the solution, the elevator puzzles must be solved through trial and error.

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Players will encounter the first elevator puzzle towards the start of the level after navigating through the first apartment complex. The player will encounter a large elevator shaft that they must jump into in order to reach the inside of the elevator.

After reaching the inside of the elevator, the player must pull the lever to have the elevator move to the higher floors. As the elevator is in motion, the player must jump out of it, onto a pile of wreckage on the right.

Once the player is on the wreckage, they will notice a series of climbable wooden planks that will lead them up to the next floor. After reaching the next floor the player will find the elevator is locked with Six inside.

To find the key to unlock the elevator shaft, the player must run down the hallway to the left until they reach an office. Inside one of the shelves in the desk inside the office, players will find the key to unlock the shaft.

After unlocking the elevator shaft, the player must now get inside the elevator and pull the lever for it to go down. As the elevator goes down, the player must jump out of the elevator again, onto the same pile of wreckage to the right.

The player must then climb the wooden beams back up to the previous floor where Six is waiting. Pull the lever to call the elevator back up to the floor, and when the elevator is close to arriving, jump on top of it to progress through the level. Additionally, players will also find a missable glitching remains in the elevator maintenance area that they will reach at the end of the puzzle.

The second elevator puzzle that players will encounter occurs immediately after they electrocute the faceless enemy in the apartment building. After arriving at the elevator shaft, the player’s first step should be to turn on the television with the recently acquired tv remote.

After turning on the tv, the player must then jump into the garbage disposal on the right, which will lead them to the bottom floor. It is worth noting that once players reach the garbage disposal room they can unlock the missable achievement – post-industrial – by delivering the package inside of the suitcase to the apartment on the far left.

The player’s next step should be to move the large box to the lever next to the elevator. The player must then pull the lever in order to gain access to the inside of the elevator. Once inside, turn on the tv, and pull the lever to have the elevator go back to the previous floor.

Once the player has returned to the top floor, they must quickly pull the lever and then teleport from the tv inside the elevator to the tv outside the elevator. After teleporting to the tv outside, quickly jump on top of the elevator as it continues down, and then proceed to jump through the hole in the wall before it reaches the bottom floor.

With the puzzle completed, players can proceed to their final encounter with The Thin Man, before facing off against Little Nightmares 2‘s Final boss in Chapter 5.

Little Nightmares 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions also in development.

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