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One of the first puzzles that Little Nightmares 2 players will encounter is the creepy chess puzzle towards the end of chapter 2. While the puzzle may appear confusing at first, like most puzzles in Little Nightmares 2, the solution is platforming based.

Shortly after escaping the teacher in the library, players will find themselves in a large lobby with a staircase leading to the second floor. To the right, players may also notice a door that requires a key to proceed.

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After proceeding up the stairs to the right-hand side of the second-floor, players will find a rook chess piece that is missing its top. Grab the top of the rook piece and place it on the body to open the door.

When the player enters the room they will notice a large nightmare-inducing chessboard in the middle of the room, with a student tied to the centerpiece. On the board are four chess pieces each with missing tops that must be placed in the correct order to complete the puzzle.

To the left of the chessboard, players will notice the top of a king piece on a desk. To obtain the piece, place the top of the rook piece that was used to gain entry to the room on the piece directly underneath the table.

Once the top of the king piece has been obtained, the player must now head to the far right of the room where they will find the top of a queen piece on a table by the window. Jump on top of the table and carry the queen piece back to the chessboard.

To find the solution as to the correct order in which the tops need to be placed, players must interact with the large map hanging on the right side of the room. After grabbing the bottom of the map, the puzzle solution will be revealed.

Head back to the board and place the rook top on the piece near the right of the board. Place the king top on the piece towards the center of the board, and finally place the queen top on the piece in the top left of the board.

Once the pieces have been placed in the correct order, a lamp hanging on the wall to the right of the board will illuminate. Players must then jump on top of the rook piece to access the table.

The player must then hang from the illuminated lamp, which will open a secret door behind the cabinet at the center of the room. Inside the room, players will find the key needed to progress through the level.

Before unlocking the door on the first floor of the area, completionists who have unlocked all collectibles in the woods must also be sure to collect the missable glitching remains that are located on the opposite side of the second floor by the banister.

Players can now proceed to reunite with Six before facing off against the teacher at the end of the level.

Little Nightmares 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions also in development.

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