LEGO Super Mario Set One of Company's Most Succesful Themed Launches

The LEGO Super Mario set is a huge success. LEGO has a bevy of themed sets with varying levels of success. From Star Wars to Hogwarts to Simpsons, there are plenty of licensed sets to go around. But as soon as the LEGO Super Mario set was revealed last year, it became pretty clear that Nintendo and LEGO had a hit on their collective hands with their collaboration. And now, LEGO has confirmed this.

As far as sales are concerned, Amazon numbers showed that the LEGO Super Mario set did very well as soon as the product launched last August. But with a recent report in which LEGO revealed its full-year financial results, LEGO reported that the set was actually one of the most successful themed sets for the company.

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For the calendar year of 2020, LEGO revealed that its top-themed products were LEGO City, LEGO Technic, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Friends, LEGO Classic, and LEGO Super Mario. The success of the Super Mario set has allowed LEGO and Nintendo to continue to collaborate on more expansions.

LEGO Super Mario which uniquely blends digital and physical play was released in August 2020 and became one of the company’s most successful theme launches.

Perhaps the success is not a surprise, as the Super Mario brand itself is so popular. However, the other aspect of the sales triumph may have to do with the blend of physical and digital capabilities of the Super Mario set. Leave it to Nintendo to add a new level of innovation, as it did not simply strike a deal with LEGO by bringing Mario to the mix with a simple do-it-yourself Mushroom Kingdom kit. The LEGO Super Mario set comes with an LCD screen and a speaker that interacts with the course, as well as a free app that helps with the course building and creativity.

In talking about the success of this specific kit, LEGO CEO Niels Christiansen made it clear that he and the team will likely blend the digital and physical world with kits like Super Mario‘s in the future, as well.

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Source: VGC