Kingdom Hearts: Which Organization XIII Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Organization XIII is the evil syndicate responsible for many of the problems plaguing the worlds in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Their members first made an appearance in Chain of Memories, and they continued to impede Sora and company in his most recent mainline game, Kingdom Hearts III.

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Despite many of the group’s evil tendencies, their characteristics and pre-Organization history endears them to many fans. Interestingly, their personalities fall in line with several traits from the various zodiac signs. This could be pure coincidence, or it could explain why certain people gravitate toward a certain member. At any rate, it’s time to break out the star charts!

12 Aries: Roxas

Being the Nobody of Sora, it makes sense that Roxas shares his counterpart’s hotheaded tendencies. He is prone to aggression when venting out his frustrations, sometimes even directing that anger at other people. He also rushes into most situations without proper thought, although oftentimes it’s to provide aid for his companions. The Aries ability to multitask also works well with Roxas’ ability to handle two Keyblades deftly. He is rather sporty, as well, given his participation in the Struggle Tournament in Kingdom Hearts II.

11 Taurus: Marluxia

The largest factor contributing to Marluxia’s Taurus leanings is his love of beauty. He does everything with a flourish, and he surrounds himself (quite literally) with flowers. However, beauty isn’t the only facet linking him to this sign. Those born under Taurus also stay determined in their goals, much like Marluxia with his plan to overthrow the Organization. Even despite the multiple setbacks throughout Chain of Memories, his commitment to his objective remains as immovable. Were he not evil, he could have proven a powerful ally to the Guardians of Light.

10 Gemini: Xigbar

Xigbar represents many of the negative aspects of the Gemini sign. To his credit, he also exhibits the versatility and well-traveled parts of this particular zodiac. His powers over space, which allow him and his projectiles to teleport across the room, help greatly in this regard.

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Xigbar’s knack for sociability and adaptability play a huge factor in his villainous side. He often puts on a front in the presence of friend and foe alike. In fact, it isn’t until the end of Kingdom Hearts III that players see the real motive behind his desire to side with the other Nobodies.

9 Cancer: Zexion

Cancers have loyalty as their defining trait, which fits Zexion surprisingly well. During his time as a member of the Organization, Zexion remains faithful to their cause. Despite his lack of a heart, he exhibits a fair amount of emotion, which also dominates the Cancer sign. Also worth noting is his ability to use illusions to manipulate his opponents. He only uses these mysterious abilities once during the events of Chain of Memories, which fits the Cancer tendency to stay secretive and avoid conflict.

8 Leo: Xemnas

As the Superior in Organization XIII, it’s only natural that Xemnas be a Leo. Leos have natural leadership qualities that put them at the head of most groups they’re in. However, Xemnas also embodies this sign’s self-centeredness and arrogance in regards to his ideals. Even so, the strength of his resolve is undeniable. He proves to be a competent and formidable antagonist with the ability to manage the Organization effectively. Were it not for Riku helping Sora, he might have even bested the Keyblade wielder in combat.

7 Virgo: Vexen

Vexen, like any proper scientist, is incredibly analytical; to him, everyone and everything is one big experiment for him to study. He is the mastermind behind many of the Organization’s studies into things such as replicas.

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While Virgos are a little more humane in their studies, they are nonetheless equally observant. Moreover, Virgos tend to be very critical of others, much like Vexen is of his comrades. The timid side of Virgo finds its parallel in Vexen’s reclusive nature. Leave it to the Chilly Academic to give others the cold shoulder.

6 Libra: Luxord

Despite his alignment, Luxord is one of the fairer members of Organization XIII. He doesn’t manipulate Sora and company the same way his colleagues might, instead combating the heroes with games of chance. In this way, the Gambler of Fate represents the Libra’s diplomatic and egalitarian tendencies. Luxord also avoids confrontation as much as possible, letting the Nobodies and Heartless he summons do the dirty work for him. Overall, he is well-mannered and diplomatic, refreshing traits to see in a bad guy.

5 Scorpio: Larxene

The Savage Nymph, much like Xigbar from before, more serves as a stand-in for the negative traits of Scorpio. She is rather mistrustful of her colleagues, evident by her willingness to attempt an overthrow of the Organization. Not only that, but she also has a fierce side that she unleashes on others, especially her enemies. Despite all this, she seems to have some good in her, as she has a close bond with Marluxia. She stays by his side in both Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts III, though (in typical Scorpio fashion) she doesn’t clearly say why.

4 Sagittarius: Axel

For a group that lacks any real emotions, no one seems as humorous and enthusiastic as Axel. Like many belonging to Sagittarius, this firebrand is quick-witted and curious about everything around him. He is also one of the few members to consider others in the Organization, like Roxas and Xion, his friends.

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His mastery over fire works wonders as the representative of a Fire sign. The desire for freedom burns deep within him, enough to make him switch sides and turn against Organization XIII.

3 Capricorn: Xaldin

Despite Capricorn being an Earth sign, the Whirlwind Lancer fits this zodiac’s personality archetype best. His seniority within the Organization speaks to his experience, as well as his ability to plan and work independently. Although he tries to manipulate Beast into submitting to darkness, he does so with an air of discipline and seriousness. Capricorns are well-known for being traditionalists and sticking to their beliefs. Simply put, Xaldin is a by-the-books type who takes a pragmatic approach to any situation.

2 Aquarius: Saïx

Those born under Aquarius tend to be reserved, just like the Luna Diviner himself. Get on his nerves, however, and his more energetic and aggressive side quickly lashes out. Rather than gloat or bicker like some of the other members, Saïx discusses things on a more intellectual level. And although all Nobodies lack proper emotional expression due to their not having a heart, Saïx is one member who exemplifies this trait most. He only really showcases his temperamental side in battle, when he swings his hefty claymore around the field.

1 Pisces: Demyx

With music being so important to Pisces, it only makes sense that the sitar-wielding Demyx take center stage here. Both he and the Pisces sign have a natural affinity for water, as well. Occasionally Pisces will play the role of the victim, which Demyx does often with his “woe-is-me” attitude. Other times they will be intimidated by certain situations, which Demyx also demonstrates by running away from conflict. There’s honestly nothing he’d rather do than laze the day away, playing music and watching the water dance.

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