Jupiter's Legacy Gets Superheroic Teaser And Netflix Release Date

First published in 2013, Jupiter’s Legacy is a superhero comic centered around the Union, a group of aging superheroes, and their children as they struggle to deal with and take over their legacy. Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Frank Quitely, the comic has been received well enough to get a series adaptation, which will be handled by Netflix and is landing sooner than one might expect.

Jupiter’s Legacy falls closer to the gritty and realistic side of the superhero spectrum, one that isn’t afraid to tackle real-life issues directly. The first issue of the series involved the Wall Street Crash of 1929, which drives six friends to charter a boat to a mysterious island, where they are transformed into superheroes. By 2013, the group is split on how to help people best, with one member, Walter, believing they should be personally telling President Barack Obama how to govern.

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As the series progresses, rifts continue to form between the various groups as the Union bickers about the best way to help the world with their powers. Their children are also trying to find their place. The younger generation has decided to use their powers to live a life of fame and glamour, which their parents resent. This leads to conflict as they begin to act out, using their powers in reckless and dangerous ways.

The Netflix series has not yet disclosed exactly what the initial story will be, but it’s safe to assume it will be somewhat familiar for fans of the comic. The recent teaser trailer doesn’t give anything away besides some slick CGI and a couple of sentences of voice-over narration, but it sets the tone nicely for what will eventually come.

As the teaser speaks about the characters being “the future” and dangerous foes coming for “vengeance”, it’s hard to say exactly what the series will focus on. It does seem that the idea of growing up with superpowers will be a big part of that story, focusing on what it means to be a powerful person with even more powerful predecessors.

The teaser also came with an official release date, May 7, 2021, so hopefully, by the time May has rolled around, there will be a more official trailer with a glimpse at what the show will really look like. Either way, it’s certainly nice to have a small preview, however brief, of the latest superhero content to be making its way to streaming.

Jupiter’s Legacy will be released exclusively on Netflix on May 7, 2021.

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Source: Netflix/Youtube