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One of the most excited parts of It Takes Two is the minigames. There are a ton of them to find while traveling as Cody and May through various parts of their home. There are twenty-five minigames in total for players to find.

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Each one puts Cody and May into a challenge against each other. The great part of these minigames is that none of them are missable. Each one can be found in the first playthrough and players who miss them can always restart a chapter and try again.

Whack-A-Cody is part of the story and the first minigame that players will find. This minigame puts Cody inside of a box with four holes in it. May hops on top of the box and gets ready to his Cody as he pops his head out. The player who controls Cody must pop out of the holes and avoid getting hit to earn points. The player controlling May must try to hit Cody with the hammer head. Each hit will net May a point. The one with the most points at the end is the winner.

The second minigame in the Shed chapter is the Flip The Switch minigame. This minigame has both Cody and May use their nails and hammer to hit targets to score points. This minigame is found shortly after the Whack-A-Cody minigame and is easy to miss. In the depths area where the players must his a red danger button, there is a side path that will lead to the minigame.

Moving on to the Tree chapter, the Tug of War minigame is easy to find. There is a section where Cody will need to use his nectar launcher to fill up some furnaces. After getting through that area, the players will come across a soccer ball. Around this area is where they will find the floating tambourine with the Tug of War minigame. This minigame is straightforward and will have Cody and May try to pull each other into a pit to win.

Plunger Dunger is a minigame that has May and Cody shooting plungers at targets. These targets will move toward both players and shooting them will make them reverse in the other direction. Each target that reaches the player will earn a point for the other player. This minigame is basically unmissable. It appears after the part of the story where the players ride the catfish. After a cutscene, both players will spawn directly in front of the minigame.

At the start of the Pillow Fort area, the players will notice a stack of pillows that they can climb. On top of this stack of pillows is where the Tank Brothers minigame is located. This minigame will once again have Cody go against May, but with tanks.

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They must fire tank shots at each other while moving around a small map. Each player gets three hearts. Once one of them is hit three times, they will lose the hearts and the other player will be considered the victor.

During the section of Rose’s Room where players are in a space elevator, they will be able to float up and down. The players will use this elevator to reach two floors with portals. On the way to the first floor of portals, there will be a portal right below it. Take that portal to find the Space Walk minigame. This minigame has the two players jumping on floating blocks. Each time a player lands on a block, it will change to their color. Whoever has the most blocks of their color wins.

After the first floor of portals, players will need to take the elevator to another floor of portals. Underneath this floor is another room with a portal that leads to the Laser Tennis minigame. This minigame will have May and Cody on platforms with buttons. When these buttons light up, the players will need to run on them. This will cause a laser to spawn on the opposite player’s platform. The players must dodge the lasers while they continuously hit the buttons.

In the area after the space section of Rose’s Room, players will be surrounded by pillows. After searching around this area, the players will find an area called “Rose’s Rodeo” that has two mechanical bulls. Jumping on the bulls will start the minigame. The players will need to hit the buttons that correspond to the ones that appear on the screen to stay on the bull. The one who falls off first loses.

Later on in the story, the players will come across an area where one must press animal tiles while the other rides a rail. After both players complete that section, they will want to head to the right. Avoid going up the yellow bouncy pads for now. On the right will be the Feed the Reptile minigame. This minigame will have the players throw balls into the mouth of different reptile heads. Each ball that goes into a reptile’s mouth will earn them a point. The one with the most points wins.

Continue through the level to find the Batting Team minigame. This one is unmissable and is on the story path. Players will recognize it by the two baseball players with balls on spinning metal arms. This minigame is all about timing.

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Each player will control their own baseball player and have them hit their baseball. Each time it comes around the player must hit it to keep it going. Each hit will the player a point. The one with the most wins.

Once the players reach the renaissance area in Rose’s Room, they will find the Birdstar minigame in the courtyard. Birdstar is It Takes Two’s version of Guitar Hero, except it involves making a bird sing different notes instead of a guitar. Each player will be given three buttons that they must hit and hit the buttons at the right time. The one who hits the most notes in the song will win.

Once the players reach the Cuckoo Clock chapter, they will find a village. When they reach the village, they must go to the far right where they will find a fair. In the fair is the Horse Derby minigame. This minigame will have May and Cody each riding a horse in a carnival-style minigame. They must jump over obstacles and reach the end to win.

Bomb Run is easy to find if players have found the Horse Derby minigame. The Bomb Run minigame is to the left of Horse Derby and easy to spot. Bomb Run will have the players carry a bomb through the town while hitting various checkpoints. This one can be a little more difficult than the other minigames and requires some agile movements to win.

From the entrance to the snow village in the Snowglobe chapter, the players should head to the right and into a cave. Down towards the bottom of the cave will be the tambourine to mark the minigame. This minigame is just a snowball fight between the two characters. The one who hits the other player the most wins.

On the other side of the snow village from where the players enter is the Shuffleboard minigame. It is easy to spot thanks to the giant sign above the entrance to where the minigame is.

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In this minigame, May and Cody need to push pucks across a bed of ice and get them to land on different point values. The one with the most points wins. A cool thing about this minigame is that obstacles will start to appear the more it is played.

The Icicle Throwing minigame can be found to the left of the entrance to the snow village. There is a small sign that marks where it is so it isn’t too hard to find either. This minigame will have both characters throwing icicles at moving targets to score points. There are some point multipliers for players who are good at throwing icicles. The player who gets the most points wins.

Later on, in the Snowglobe chapter, the players will find themselves in an underwater station. They will need to swim to the surface and skate along the ice. There are rings on the ice for players to follow. Follow the rings to where the tambourine is to find the Ice Race minigame. This minigame is a not-so-friendly race between the two characters (because no race is ever friendly). Whoever gets to the finish line first wins.

The Garden Swings minigame is located in the Garden chapter. Pretty late into the chapter, the players will come across two pillars with rocks in between them. Jump over the rocks to find the minigame. This minigame will have the two players swing back and forth as fast as they can on a swingset. Once the timer is close to running out, they will jump off the swings and see how far they can get. The player who jumps the farthest wins.

Later in the Garden chapter, the players will come across an area where they can bounce on mushrooms. The story path will have them go to the right, but if the players go to the left, they will be able to swing across a vine and get to the Larva Basket minigame. In this minigame, the players will need to throw food to the larvas that are perched in a spinning tower. Whoever gets the most points wins.

Whenever the players reach the frog pond area, they will come across a location with a wooden fence and a lamp. Go around the fence to get access to the Snail Race minigame.

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The players will be racing snails through a garden path to see who can reach the end first. There are plenty of obstacles to avoid while going through this race and each hit will set the players back.

When the players reach the final chapter, The Attic, they will spawn in front of another minigame called Slotcars. It is directly behind the first wall that is a box of records. This minigame is another straightforward minigame that has the players racing slot cars around a small track. Whoever completes all their laps first will win.

The Chess minigame comes in after players complete the first part of the Attic chapter. This section of the chapter is called Setting The Stage. Players will notice the chessboard pretty easily tucked away around a bunch of books. This is a literal game of chess, but players can choose between a few different types of game modes to make things a little more interesting than playing it normally.

Next to the Chess minigame is a pathway to the right of the door to continue the story. This pathway will take players up towards the roof of the attic. Players can get to the minigame by taking the swings or by grinding on a rail. When players find the old-school radio with a stool in front of it they will have found the Musical Chairs minigame. This minigame is self-explanatory and has the two characters fight to be the first on the chair whenever the music stops.

Once the players reach the Symphony section of the Attic chapter, (marked by the white clouds) they will be able to jump off the clouds to the left and find the Volleyball minigame.

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This is another game that is self-explanatory. It is a game of volleyball to see who can get the most points. The player who gets the most points will win.

Once the players go back to the area where the Setting The Stage portion of the Attic chapter takes place, they will be able to run to a new area where they can find two arcade cabinets. These are used for the Track Runner minigame. This minigame has May and Cody run along a track while they avoid obstacles. It has a bit of a Tron feeling since everything is neon-colored.

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