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Destruction AllStars has finally arrived on the PS5 after the game was originally slated to be a PS5 launch title. While there was originally some disappointment that the car-based crash-em-up didn’t launch in November, PlayStation 5 gamers now finally get to try the title out. But now that it’s on Sony’s next-generation console, is there a chance it could land on the PS4 as well?

When talking about Destruction AllStars, it’s important to note that this a game that was always slated for launch on the PS5. It’s only the release date that changed since it was first announced. Once it became obvious that the game wasn’t coming in November, along with the PS5, the developer Lucid Games started looking for the perfect time for the project to go live. Eventually, the company decided the best course of action would be to offer the title through the PS Plus service. Once that decision was made, it was all about finding a window that was open.

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PS Plus lineups are usually set by Sony months in advance. Considering Lucid Games didn’t give Sony much of a heads up that the game was getting delayed, the company had to wait until 2021 to find a slot in the subscription service it could fill.

With January already filled up with three different titles, including Maneater as the free PS5 title, Destruction AllStars slid into the February slate. Since its launch, game director Colin Berry has admitted the later release and involvement with PS Plus was probably best for all involved. He admitted Lucid Games wasn’t able to spend the same kind of advertising dollars that PS5 launch titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls were able to muster.

Despite Berry apparently being happy to have a home for Destruction AllStars on the PS5, it doesn’t appear PS4 users are going to be able to partake. For his part, Berry hasn’t officially ruled out a port, but it would be extremely unusual. When talking about a period of time when games are being made for two different generations of consoles, it’s almost unheard of to see a backward port.

Considering Destruction AllStars was always billed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, any plans for a PS4 version would almost certainly been made public by now. One of the new title’s counterparts in February’s PS Plus lineup underlines this point. The Control Ultimate Edition might be available on both the PS4 and PS5, but it launched on the previous generation console first. Last month’s Maneater also launched on the PlayStation 4 before the PS5.

With Lucid Game’s latest project officially out and no mention of a PS4 edition, it seems unlikely the title is headed to the previous generation.

Destruction AllStars is out now on PlayStation 5.

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