Hunt: Showdown As The Crow Flies Event Launches With Unlockable Boss

Fans of Hunt: Showdown have been waiting for a very long time for this new event in Crytek’s PVP and PVE horror first-person shooter. As the three-year celebration of Hunt: Showdown just took place, it has been over two years since a new boss has been added to the game with The Assassin, and now it looks like another is entering the Bayou.

While the game seemed to slow down in terms of content for a few months, the massive Update 1.5 for Hunt: Showdown brought new weapons, custom ammunition, and quite the gameplay overhaul. While the update itself brought game-altering experiences, a new event and the long-awaited boss is something that many fans have been waiting for. And that is finally what Hunt: Showdown fans are getting.

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Crytek teased the new boss and event for Hunt: Showdown for months. Now, it all comes together with the As The Crow Flies event that runs from March 24, 2021, through April 12, 2021. The event has two acts in it. Act One is a community act, and Act Two allows players to unlock special limited-time gear.

For Act One, players will work together destroying bird models, murdering crows, investigating event clues, killing the boss, and more. In doing this, the entire community will work together to unlock the brand new boss, which Crytek keeps showing small glimpses of. Once the community reaches the goal and the boss is unlocked, the boss will be a part of the rotation, and players will be able to participate in Act Two, where they can unlock exclusive event gear.

In Act Two for this special Hunt: Showdown event, players again can progress by defeating bosses, destroying bird models, unlocking clues, etc. They can unlock event Hunter and Gear such as The Plague Doctor, The Shrike, Scavenger’s Snare, and more.

Hunt: Showdown is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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