Hood: Outlaws and Legends Trailer Details the Brawler’s Abilities

hood outlaws and legends

Hood: Outlaws and Legends arrives in May and following trailers for the Ranger and Hunter, it’s now the Brawler’s time to shine. The Brawler is all about up close and personal fights, taking down guards with a giant hammer. In a new video with IGN, game director Andrew Willans outlines the Brawler’s abilities.

Along with being very good in melee combat, the Brawler can also lift up portcullis to open up new routes (and also close these to head off any foes). He can execute different swings in battle including an overhead strike that decimates lesser-armored guards. Though ranged combat is his weakness, he’s not completely helpless thanks to explosives.

The Brawler’s Ultimate is called Wrath and grants him increased damage along with unlimited stamina. It’s a good way to run around, downing foes and creating space for your teammates. Hood: Outlaws and Legends is slated to release on May 10th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details, including a trailer on the Mystic, in the coming weeks.