Homestuck Creator Releases Visual Novel Psycholonials | Geisha411

Few online communities are as invested as the one built around the webcomic Homestuck. Running from 2009 through 2016, Homestuck‘s fans remain excited about seemingly all things related to the franchise and its creator, Andrew Hussie. Suffice to say, a new game from Hussie comes with a lot of excitement, as seen with a new title named Psycholonials. The game’s first chapter is now available to purchase and play on PC and mobile devices.

Psycholonials is a visual novel that has been written and illustrated by Andrew Hussie. It’s a story about two influencers who delve into the supernatural to start their own social media brand. As Homestuck fans can likely attest to, Psycholonials goes to some wild places from there. Keywords that Hussie highlights as features of Psycholonials include “Ennui,” “Clowns,” “Internet Drama,” and, “The year 2020.”

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One detail worth calling attention to is that Psycholonials is tagged with a warning that it’s suitable for adult audiences only. While Homestuck could be tagged with a similar warning, it’s also true that Homestuck‘s fandom included younger audiences in a significant number. Whether Psycholonials diverges from that style will be up to its players to ultimately decide.

Another key detail about Psycholonials that’s important to know before playing is it’s a chapter-based game. When it’s complete, Psycholonials will feature nine total chapters, and the game’s current price includes all of them. Only the game’s first chapter is currently available, so players will have to wait for more updates as Hussie and team finish them. That’s something Homestuck fans should be intimately familiar with.

Psycholonials Chapter 1 is available now on Mobile and PC.

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