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Hitman 3 has a multitude of various challenges for each destination in its campaign. These challenges include different ways to assassinate a target, disguising Agent 47 as key characters, to exiting a mission by boat. One of these challenges is to collect all five keys to the beautiful Thornbridge Manor in Dartmoor. This guide will break down the locations of the five keys needed to complete this challenge.

Acquiring keys can make traversing locations much easier by allowing players access to previously locked rooms or areas in Hitman 3. Using keys to unlock doors helps players avoid being caught picking a lock and alerting the guards. For Thornbridge Manor, players will need to retrieve five keys from different locations and people. The Butler, Mr. Fernsby, holds his office key. Mr. Fernsby’s office holds the Thornbridge Manor Master Key. Rebecca holds the key to her bedroom. Emma holds the key to the Greenhouse. And the last key to Emma & Gregory’s Bedroom is carried by Gregory.

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Hitman 3 players starting off on the Main Road Starting Location will want to make their way north to the gate and find two guards standing by and a private investigator trying to get through the gate. Players can choose to either take out these guards and the investigator to steal a disguise or go right along the brick wall to find an opening that players can vault over. The investigator disguise will allow players to approach the Butler, Mr. Fernsby, without being detected. Players need to subdue the Butler to take his office key.

After Agent 47 has retrieved Mr. Fernsby’s office key, players can locate the office on the first floor of Thornbridge Manor in the southeast corner. Using the key taken from Mr. Fernsby, players can unlock and enter the office. The Thornbridge Manor master key is on the bookshelf to the left of the fireplace. Agent 47 can also find a burnt diary in the fireplace.

The third key for players to find is Rebecca’s bedroom key and is conveniently located in Rebecca’s pocket. Rebecca, who is wearing a blue shirt and brown pants, can be found roaming around the first floor, between the Trophy Room and the Sitting Room, in the northwest corner of Thornbridge Manor. Players may subdue the maid in the hallway between the Trophy and Sitting rooms and then dump her body in the closet. Across from the closet is a gramophone that players can use to create a distraction that will alert Rebecca as she crosses between rooms. This will allow players to subdue her without risking getting caught. Once subdued, players may take her bedroom key.

The last two keys can both be found in the Sitting Room and Emma carries the greenhouse key. Wait for her to stare out the back window before subduing her. With the maid and Rebecca both subdued, no one will patrol past Emma’s body so Hitman 3 players may leave her in front of the window. Taking the greenhouse key from Emma’s body leaves players with one last key to collect.

The final key in this Hitman 3 challenge, is the one to Emma and Gregory’s bedroom, being held by Gregory, who can be found sitting on the couch, reading a paper, in the Sitting Room. Players can use coins to lure one of the guards into the hallway behind them. Subdue the first guard and drag his body around the corner to a closet to be dumped. Repeat this process with the second guard and Agent 47 will be clear to knock out Gregory and take his key. Taking the last key from Gregory will complete the Thornbridge Manor Keys Challenge.

Hitman 3 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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