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Hitman 3 is off and running as the conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy. Hitman 3 has already turned a profit for IO, and fans of the series are getting into every aspect of the game from speedrunning to fish slapping.

Long-time fans of the series will know there are many ways to take out targets, and Hitman 3 brings back various means that ensure players never have to draw a gun or engage in direct confrontation. For those who enjoy seeing their target simply keel over on the spot, poison is usually the way to go. Here’s a guide to doing just that with the “A Particular Palette” challenge in Dubai.

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A Particular Palette requires the player to serve up some special whiskey to one of the targets, Marcus Stuyvesant. He’s fairly easy to spot, with huge sunglasses and open-toed sandals in the middle of a swanky party. To do this, players must first head to the Black Gold bar, the second bar encountered by turning left of the main welcoming area on the first floor and going up the stairs, through some blue curtains. As a bonus, completing this challenge will contribute to completing Dubai’s Chameleon challenge.

It’s important to note that poisoning Stuyvesant is not actually necessary to complete the challenge, but it provides a golden opportunity for doing so. It should probably be done as the second assassination, since Agent 47 will want to leave the scene quickly. Since there’s no Family Feud challenge here (which involve poison being brewed), players will have to find poison another way. If they didn’t pack any lethal varieties with them, hunting around backstage may yield rat poison, causing Stuyvesant to find a bathroom with a convenient drowning toilet.

Go through the door of the Black Gold bar and find the nearest waiter. Make sure he’s alone, then subdue him, disguise, and hide the body. Nearby is a shelf with alcohol and the whiskey that Stuyvesant likes. Grab it and pocket it, as having that out will count as being armed. It’s a far easier sneak job than something like the Private Moment challenge, and should only take a few seconds.

Go out to the art gallery bar and start serving drinks. Eventually, Stuyvesant will walk by. Aiming the cursor at him will provide a command to call him over and pour him some whiskey. Whether the poison is served or not, him drinking it unlocks the achievement. It’s a fast way to perform a kill, though not the fastest time someone’s pulled off on Hitman 3‘s Dubai level.

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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