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Hitman 3 has challenges ranging from the more serious ways to assassinate targets, to whimsical challenges that are sure to give players a laugh. The Grapes of Wrath Challenge takes place in the Vineyard during The Farewell mission in Mendoza. This Challenge tasks players with pacifying someone with grapes. Hitman 3 leaves nothing out of bounds, allowing players to satisfy their desire to watch someone slip on a cluster of wine-ready grapes.

Hitman 3 players only need to bring coins when planning this mission. If players have unlocked the Vineyard Starting Location, they may choose to start there. Players starting off in the Parking Lot or the initial starting location, Winery Viewpoint, will find a trail on the east side of the Parking Lot, framed by two cacti. Hitman 3 players will want to follow this trail.

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Agent 47 will need to avoid dropping down to the lower level of the trail and instead, follow it to the right. At the fork in the path, Hitman 3 players will want to take a left and take cover in the blue grass. Taking a guard’s disguise will be most helpful here. Tossing a coin is always a useful distraction to help pacify guards. Once players have taken out the guards and stolen a disguise, they should follow the stairs down into the Vineyard.

When arriving at the Vineyard, Agent 47 will need to head straight, towards the building in the center of the Vineyard. Inside the building, next to the lab equipment, Agent 47 will find a grape knife needed to cut a bushel of grapes from the vine. Turn around and head out of the building. Using Agent 47’s Instinct ability, players will discover some grapes ready to be cut off the vine.

Once players have cut the grapes from the vine, they need to find or create a distraction that alerts a nearby worker. Coins, again, work well here. Players may also use the various generators and other distraction items placed around the Vineyard. Throwing grapes at NPC’s or hitting them over the head with the grapes does not seem to count towards this challenge. The Hitman 3 NPC must slip on the grapes.

When a worker or other NPC moves in investigate the distraction, Agent 47 will need to place the bushel of grapes on the ground, in the NPC’s path. PlayStation players will need to use L1+R1 (LB+RB for Xbox) to place the grapes. Dropping, or throwing the grapes on the ground do not seem to work. Players may need to attempt this a couple of times to get the NPCs to slip on the placed grapes.

When Agent 47 has successfully watched an NPC slip on the perfectly placed grapes, players will be awarded with the completion of the Grapes of Wrath challenge and a healthy amount of XP.  Grapes of Wrath may be one of the simpler challenges to complete, however, it is only one of many challenges that can be found in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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