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Recent gameplay demos of Harvest Moon: One World show off a new gameplay feature, multiple regions each with its own farms, introducing a number of innovative characteristics along with it.

Many have been skeptical of Harvest Moon: One World‘s overall quality in comparison to other major farming sim games such as Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons, the franchise that started it all. Several fans have criticized One World and believe that many of its elements were simply copying Story of Seasons, attempting to cash in on the famous brand name without delivering the overall quality. But it’s been clear that Natsume has been working to improve Harvest Moon: One World since its first launch trailer, and now it will implement some new features.

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Shown in demos via various news outlets and YouTubers, the biggest new addition to Harvest Moon: One World is its use of multiple regions inspired by real-world locations. There will be 5: the grasslands of Calisson, the island Halo Halo inspired by Hawaii, the desert town Pastilla, the volcanic village Lebkuchen, and a snowy town called Salmiakki.

But not only will players be able to visit these new regions in Harvest Moon: One World, they’ll be able to own farms on each of them. Players will be able to pick up the farm buildings and transport them from farm to farm, but the crops that are planted will stay there. This will also result in crop variations, such as a frozen tomato sprouting from crops planted in Salmiakki.

And with the emphasis on exploring will come other mechanics as well, such as weather conditions. Similar to Breath of Wild, players can use hot dishes to stay warm in the snowy regions, for example.

Harvest Moon: One World is out on March 2, 2021 for the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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