Halo Infinite Won’t Have Dual-Wielding, Playable Elites

Halo Infinite campaign_03

343 Industries dropped a wealth of new information on Halo Infinite in its most recent episode of #Ask343. It confirmed what could be expected from the dynamic weather system at launch along with how the day/night cycle would influence the world. Several other aspects were clarified like whether dual-wielding weapons is possible.

Unfortunately, there’s no dual-wielding and it’s not currently planned either. The focus instead is on using the various weapons, grenades and melee attacks along with different equipment. Covenant Elites also won’t be playable and while the developer noted that “This is a Master Chief and Spartan story,” it also said to “never say never.” So perhaps they may be included some day as post-launch content.

Upgrades are also present for equipment and you’ll discover different variants of weapons. An upgrade system for weapons was toyed with but the developer felt that it strayed away from Halo’s core gameplay. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to kick things off of Zeta Halo’s edge, it will be difficult but possible with enough “luck and skill.”

Halo Infinite is currently slated to release this Fall for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.