Halo Infinite – Joseph Staten Seems To Be Head Of Creative Now At 343 Industries

halo infinite

While the hope was to have Halo Infinite at the launch of the Xbox Series X/S, the game instead was pushed back into the Fall of this year. While the developer has pledged to start some high level updates on the game, it hasn’t quite panned out just yet. It does, however, seem like something behind the scenes for 343 Industries has potentially changed.

Long time Halo fans probably know the name Joseph/Joe Staten as someone who was at Bungie and a key part of the the franchise’s writing and narrative. He came onto Halo Infinite as Project Lead after the big delay last year. It seems he’s moved up at the studio as his LinkIn now lists him as Head of Creative for the entirety of 343 Industries. That position is generally referred to as someone who will oversee all creative output as well as long term strategy. Of course, all studios are different, so the position may be different at 343, so we can’t say for sure what this role change means in the grand scheme.

Halo Infinite is set to release in the Fall for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.