GTA Online: 10 Best Cars To Buy For Players Who Love To Customize

GTA Online is filled with vehicles for every type of player. From the highly weaponized to the extreme speed supercars, players have a lot to choose from. Even players who like to customize their vehicles have a lot to choose from, and that isn’t just from the Arena War or Benny’s custom shop.

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Many normal vehicles are available that offer tons of customization options for players to choose from. Players who like to buy highly customizable cars will be thankful to know some of the best ones that are available in the game.

10 Ubermacht Zion Classic

Coming in with a grand total of eighty-one customization options, the Zion Classic offers a lot for a player to choose from. Customize everything from one bumper to the other. This car is also relatively cheap and will only run a player around eight hundred thousand. Considering some cars are well over a million dollars, the Zion classic offers a lot for only a little. Players who want to purchase this car can find it in the San Andreas Super Auto store. Take it to car shows and show off this beauty.

9 Weeny Dynasty

Turn the Weeny Dynasty into a dream car or turn it into a taxi. Paint it yellow, slap on a taxi sign, and take it to the streets. Unfortunately, players won’t be picking people up in the car unless they use it for transport missions. If taxi driving isn’t what the player is looking for then put one of the other crazy liveries on it. There are eighty-four customization options to choose from after purchasing the Dynasty and a ton of different looks that can be achieved. This car will also only cost the player a measly four hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

8 Benefactor Schlagen GT

With the Schlagen GT, players can take the abstract route and customize the vehicle to look as crazy as they are. They can also choose the standard route and bring out the vehicle’s inner race car or equip it with a standard stripe and call it a day. The Schlagen GT offers players a total of eighty-six customization options at the cost of a modest one million three hundred thousand dollars. It might be a bit more than others on the list, but it comes with more options to choose from and more horsepower for players who like fast cars.

7 Bravado Gauntlet Classic

Going to a great classic vehicle for both speed and customization, the Gauntlet Classic has eighty-seven customization options for players to choose from. Some of the best include the liveries. Players can paint their Gauntlet with the all-American style or go old school with a bomber look.

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Players can even go with the classic hot rod flame design if they want to spice up their look on the road. This car costs six hundred and fifteen thousand unless the player unlocks the trade price which will cost them four hundred and sixty-one thousand.

6 Annis Savestra

The Savestra can be turned into the race car of any player’s dreams with some great liveries and tons of customization options. This car breaks into the nineties with the number of modifications it has. This car has a total of ninety-two mods that players can take advantage of. These mods cover every aspect of the vehicle and can really take it to the next level. This is one of the cheaper options when it comes to great cars in the game and will only run the player a little shy of a million dollars. A great deal for the number of mods players get.

5 Pfister Comet Safari

The Comet Safari gets some great customizations that other vehicles on the list don’t get. Players can change the hood to have tools on it, add extra lights to the roof, and even equip some mounted machine guns on the front. The liveries can help get this vehicle to the next level. This is one of the few cars that players can get outside of warstock and the arena war websites that can be useful in battle. It also only costs a mere seven hundred thousand. Far cheaper than other armed vehicles.

4 Ubermacht Sentinel Classic

Players may recognize the Sentinel Classic as one of the cars they can use as a getaway vehicle during the Diamond Casino Heist. Outside of the heist, players can purchase this vehicle from San Andreas Super Auto for six hundred and fifty thousand. The trade price will only cost a player four hundred and eighty-seven thousand. This cheap vehicle is filled with surprises like the one hundred customization options it offers. This still isn’t the most mods a vehicle has access to but it is certainly close.

3 Vapid Dominator GTX

There is nothing wrong with choosing to go with a car that resembles a modern Ford Mustang. After all, many people love the design of this great vehicle. Little do people realize, however, that the Dominator GTX is filled with customization options to play around with.

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In total, the Dominator GTX has one hundred and sixteen mods for players to choose from. Unfortunately, players who like the use of liveries won’t get any from this vehicle, but the other mods are well worth the seven hundred thousand dollar price take.

2 Weeny Issi Classic

Yeah, players can take the Issi Classic and turn it into a war machine to take into battle in the arena war game mode, but that is a waste. Without taking it to the arena, the Issi Classic has one hundred and eighteen customization options. Players who choose the arena war versions of this car will surely miss out on some great designs like the wooden roof, great liveries, and cool features this car has to offer. All of it comes at a small cost as well of only three hundred and sixty thousand.

1 Karin 190Z

Another car that will run players a little less than a million dollars is the Karin 190Z. This great car gives players access to the most customization options in the game. For players who are interested, the total number of mods for this car is one hundred and sixty-seven. This many options can really help players turn the 190Z into whatever they want it to be. A car like this is one that any player who loves customization should purchase. This car can be found on the legendary motorsport website.

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