GTA: 10 Hilarious NPC Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most important open-world franchises of all time. Each entry in the series presents a living, breathing world for the player to explore. Much of the hilarity comes from the player’s interaction with the numerous NPCs just living their lives.

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Often these people do things that do not make sense, creating an endearing attitude towards them from the community. The ten memes below perfectly reflect the relationship players have with the NPCs. In any other open-world game these would be considered serious immersion-breaking problems, but it fits in perfectly with Grand Theft Auto’s cartoonish world.

10 It’s A Conspiracy

Cops tend to ignore citizens who are hostile towards the protagonist, but God forbid the player retaliates in anyway. A denizen of Los Santos can heckle and even harm the player without consequence, but the protagonist will summon the wrath of the police if they take matters into their own hands. It is not too big of a deal, however, since losing the cops is significantly easier in newer Grand Theft Auto titles.

9 Your Car Is Our Car

In the real world people are putting a target on their back depending on how nice their car is and what area of the town they are driving through. Grand Theft Auto NPCs with a nice sports car are sure to lose their ride whenever they drive past the player in their souped-up ride. Los Santos and Liberty City are infamous for their high crime rates, so the NPC knows the risk of going through town with a fancy automobile.

8 Are They In Cahoots?

NPC drivers need to have their licenses revoked. It is one thing for them to get in the way when the player is on their way to a destination, but it becomes disastrous when fleeing the cops and a random stranger veers right into the criminal’s path.

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Perhaps the NPCs would be more agreeable to letting the player escape the cops if whoever wrote this meme did not put an apostrophe where it does not belong.

7 Sometimes They Are On Your Side

NPCs can ruin one’s day in Grand Theft Auto, but sometimes they do the right thing and mind their own business while the player is out causing destruction or completing a mission. Destroy a few cars or take revenge against someone, and the rest of the people on the street are just as likely to look the other way as they are to scream and run in fright. Some of them know that snitches get stitches.

6 Honestly, They Deserve It

The Oppressor Mk II is a controversial item in Grand Theft Auto Online. The vehicle has the ability to rain immediate death from the sky and is incredibly difficult to take down. However, it always seems like NPCs can get a beat on the nearly invulnerable vehicle without breaking a sweat. This is one of the only memes that makes NPCs feel like the heroes. Usually they get in the way, but here they are enacting justice.

5 Hostile

NPCs in Grand Theft Auto take things the wrong way all the time. Sometimes the player is just walking by and rubs against them or is just standing near and the random stranger will try to start some beef. In relation to the other memes, only when the player reacts to the insults or hostile behavior will police come and do their jobs. The small chase is worth the revenge, however.

4 Honest Work

NPCs may only have bit parts in video games, but any given title would feel so empty without them. When not populating these virtual cities, NPCs spend their downtime participating in these memes. Being an NPC does not pay a lot of money, so they need to be in these memes to supplement their income. Starring in memes is also a lot safer than walking around the streets of Los Santos or Liberty City.

3 Can’t Help Ourselves

Players want the best car when they cruise through one of the fictional cities. When one sees an NPC with a nice car, it is almost as if the poor sap is begging the player to carjack them. It is almost like doing the car a favor. After all, what is the point of having a fast car if you are just going to obey the speed limit all the time. Set that car free and let it ride faster than the speed of sound.

2 NPCs Have A Job To Do

Some missions in Grand Theft Auto require the player to reach a destination in a vehicle without taking damage.

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It seems like NPCs all receive an alert on their phone or pager telling them to do their best to veer into the player’s path. Why should these people care, anyway? At the end of the day, all of this is in the player’s head. We often like to blame the NPCs for our own shortcomings.

1 Sharpshooters

Cops and enemies in Grand Theft Auto IV actually aimed like humans. In the sequel, all enemies apparently underwent intense military training, since they can take the player out from a mile away. This is especially noticeable in Grand Theft Auto Online, which generally throws even more enemies at players because of the cooperative gameplay. If the shooting and movement were tighter, it would not be as much of a problem.

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