GreedFall Devs Starting Testing for New Game Steelrising

GreedFall, the action RPG from developer Spiders, was one of the top underrated games of the past two years. Despite average reviews, the game’s popularity grew due to it fitting a gap in a high-demand genre. Now Spiders is moving on to its next project, a game GreedFall fans are hoping only improves on everything they like about Spiders’ work. Fans may soon get the chance to see for themselves, as Spiders is requesting players register for an upcoming Steelrising playtest.

Spiders announced on Twitter that the first Steelrising playtest is now scheduled. It’ll start at the beginning of March and will last between 7 and 10 days. A finalized start date is still being decided, but should be shared soon. It is not an open playtest, which means that not everyone who registers will be invited. Spiders will also be employing an NDA for the playtest, meaning those who are accepted won’t be allowed to discuss their experiences.

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The scope of the Steelrising playtest hasn’t been confirmed yet, either. However, given that Steelrising is a single-player action RPG much like the other games that Spiders has released, fans can probably make some basic assumptions. Fans can likely imagine a demo of GreedFall, only set in a sci-fi/steampunk version of the French Revolution.

While Spiders doesn’t make it explicit, this is likely to be just the first test for Steelrising. Those who don’t get invited to participate will get a chance later. Steelrising doesn’t have a release date, yet, so there’s plenty of time to have further tests. There’s clearly plenty of more information to come about Steelrising in the months ahead.

Steelrising is in development for PC and next-gen consoles.

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