Godfall “Primal” Update Adds Ascension Levels, Banes and More


While Counterplay Games’ Godfall launched to quite a mixed reaction, the developer has continued supporting it. Update 2.4.44 aka the “Primal” update adds new content for endgame players while revamping several activities like Tower of Trials. Ascension Levels have been added, allowing players to gain new powers and bonuses after hitting the level cap.

The titular Primal items are also live and provide a “massive buff to the item’s primary trait as a new loot modifier.” As for Tower of Trials, both the normal and Ascended versions have new objectives, “surprise” events and improved rewards while also serving as the source for Primal items. There are also Banes which players can equip, conferring debuffs but also providing a loot bonus.

If that weren’t enough, Dreamstones have been changed to have better loot targeting with new Volatile Dreamstones providing improved rewards. For more details, check out the patch notes here. Counterplay has also confirmed that Godfall’s paid expansion, included with Ascended and Deluxe Editions, will release in Q2 2021. Stay tuned for more details on that in the coming months.

Key Features

For both new and veteran players, the Primal Update brings big changes to Godfall to test your mettle. Here is a quick summary of key features coming with this patch:

  • Ascension Levels – Now let you power up even after you’ve reached the level cap, granting you new Ascension Powers and Ascension Bonuses.
  • Primal Items – Add a compelling dimension to loot hunting, injecting a massive buff to the item’s primary trait as a new loot modifier. You’ll be able to view the impact of these effects with our new Detailed Player Stats Screen.
  • Tower of Trials – Both regular and Ascended versions of the tower received a substantial overhaul and expanded content including fresh new objectives, better rewards, greater challenges, and surprise events that will force you to adapt and test your builds. This increased difficulty will definitely make good use of your new Ascension Levels and Primal modifiers.
  • Ascended ToT & ToT now have you pick Banes, which are negative effects on the player. The harder the Bane, the better the loot bonus! Ascended ToT is the only way to get Primal Items.
  • Ascended ToT is now heavily condensed: 30 Trials instead of 100, and provides many more keys per Trial surpassed.
  • Dreamstones – Dreamstones have undergone extensive changes, including improved loot targeting and increased Electrum rewards. We’ve also added an entirely new class of items called Volatile Dreamstones that can further improve your rewards.
  • Zenun Shopkeeper – Zenun is now an in-game vendor that lets you buy weapons with your in-game resources to gear up for your challenge runs. Head to the Sanctum to see what Zenun has available for you today!
  • More QoL – This content update includes various bug fixes, player weapon refinements, co-op tech enhancements and other QoL improvements. The full list of updates can be found below.