Genshin Impact: Where to Look for the Suspicious Person with the Package

After initiating Genshin Impact‘s The Sound of Discord quest and speaking with Vile, players will be instructed to look for the suspicious person with the package. Locating this individual can prove to be quite challenging, though, as there is no waypoint for fans to follow. In fact, some players may simply be unable to find the suspicious person with the package in Genshin Impact despite their best efforts, and it is for those fans that this guide is intended.

The first thing that players that are working on this quest step should do is teleport to the Starfell Valley waypoint in Mondstadt, as it is in very close proximity to the character of interest. From this position, fans should head east, passing by the Scholar of Alchemy and the Mondstadt General Goods Shopkeeper on their left. Just beyond these NPCs, Genshin Impact fans will be able to turn left and make their way north, and that is the most direct route to the suspicious person.

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Indeed, the NPC can be found on the right side just a handful of paces forward after making the aforementioned turn. He is wearing a purple top and white pants, and while he does not have a package in hand, he is the suspicious person that is being referenced by this Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Anecdote. Players can get further confirmation on this by looking at the character’s name, as he is specifically designated as a Suspicious Citizen.

Once a player locates this NPC, they should simply speak with him in order to advance to The Sound of Discord’s next step. This step sends fans to the Treasure Hoarder camp that is situated just outside of Mondstadt, and there is a nearby fast travel point that makes reaching it quite simple. Notably, the Treasure Hoarders will not be particularly interested in receiving an unannounced visitor, and fans should prepare their favorite Genshin Impact characters for a brief battle.

At the conclusion of that short fight, fans should return to Vile and speak with her to complete the quest and receive their rewards. As indicated by the Festive Anecdotes interface, those rewards are 20 Primogems, two Hero’s Wits, and 20,000 Mora, which players are free to use as they see fit. Genshin Impact fans will also now be free to move onto the next seasonal quest, which is titled Adventures in Windblume and revolves around taking a number of pictures.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, with versions in development for PS5 and Switch.

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