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Genshin Impact is the free-to-play RPG currently taking the gaming world by storm. A big draw for miHoYo’s open world game is the wide variety of characters available for players to control. Heroes are consistently being added to Genshin Impact, and the latest video shows off a new character Rosaria.

Since this is a live service title, the developers add in extra content over time to keep fans engaged. When it comes to heroes like Rosaria, players need to make Wishes and hope that the characters drop. Despite this risk, Genshin Impact is making revenue fast without any signs of slowing down. With the upcoming hero looking like a great addition to any team, players will likely be flocking to the game.

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Technically, Rosaria is a sister from the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt. But unlike other devout members, this hero is an active defender against beasts roaming in the darkness. To defend the peace, she utilizes a wide range of deadly instruments to quell threats. This hero is strong in one on one battles, and she joins the Genshin Impact cast using Cryo damage. However, Rosaria also serves as a great support for her allies. One example of this is how she boosts movement speed of party members while traveling during night specifically.

When it comes to combat, Rosaria’s kit is representative of her backstory and overall theme. Her normal attack does five strikes against targets and deals physical damage. When players hold down the attack button, she can also perform a forward lunge. She can activate an Elemental Skill to reposition behind enemies and deal Cryo damage, serving as a way to engage or dodge. The Elemental Burst power brings down a frozen lance that deals Cryo and creates a zone for buffing allies. Players can switch out to other team members to do boosted damage to targets within the area.

As is similar to many other heroes in the game, Rosaria will probably be fairly popular. As a character that dish out damage but also support the team, she will be handy to bring along. The game also emphasizes exploration, and being able to move faster at night is beneficial for far travelers. While she is not a knight of Favonius in Genshin Impact, her overall design definitely stands out from the rest of the cast.

At this point, fans of miHoYo’s signature game will know that new heroes are a normal update. Veterans may be hoping for more areas of the map to open up, but the housing update coming soon should provide some more content to explore. For now, stock up on ways to make Wishes in Genshin Impact as a way to boost chances of Rosaria dropping.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.

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