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Genshin Impact boasts a map that covers the expansive continent Teyvat, which currently features three distinct regions. Travelers can face off against a variety of different foes and stumble upon varying sorts of treasure, depending on where they happen to be.

For those traveling through Liyue, it won’t be long before they encounter one of the Genshin Impact Normal Bosses it hosts: the Pyro Regisvine. This fiery flower is much like its cousin the Cryo Regisvine, though it provides invaluable Ascension Materials needed for Pyro characters like Klee, rather than Cryo users.

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Players hoping to challenge a Pyro Regisvine can do so quite early in the game, they’ll simply need to traverse the Liyue region that’s home to Xiangling and Jueyun Chili Peppers. As of Version 1.2 of the game, the Pyro Regisvine only spawns in a single location, which is tucked away in Liyue’s western mountains. Specifically, players will find the Pyro Regisvine in Cuijue Slope – it’s in the far southwest of Teyvat, just northwest of the city Liyue itself. Players going south across the Guili Plains would only need to head directly west.

Once the Pyro Regisvine is nearby, it will be denoted by its own icon on the map/radar, though players might still miss it. The sneaky flower is hidden away in Liyue, in a cavern under a Cuijue Slope mountain. Travelers venturing in from the east won’t see the boss until clearing the mountainside and doubling back under and into the cavern. To initiate the fight, simply approach the Pyro Regisvine, which will begin to attack the player while rooted into the center of the cavern.

Regisvines are essentially hyper-powered versions of the game’s Whopperflower enemy that normally hides underground. The much larger Regisvines, however, are always above-ground and pack quite a punch. Thankfully, both Pyro and Cryo Regisvines are rather straightforward boss encounters. Players should simply hack away at the flower to deplete its HP. To stun the flower and attack its head, players will need to deal damage to its base. Once the Regisvine’s base’s HP is depleted, the Pyro Regisvine will collapse, losing its shield and allowing for direct attacks to its “flower.” Depending on World Level, Pyro Regisvines may also regain consciousness several times, leading to different “phases.”

When it first reawakens from being stunned, it will enter a new “phase,” bearing a crystal core on its base and adding a faceplant-like attack that ends in a 180-degree sweep of the stage. If players proceed to shatter the crystal on its base, it will collapse and lose its shield again, allowing for easy attacks. Much like the powerful Oceanid boss, if high-leveled enough, it won’t be defeated after this phase; instead, the crystal core on its head will shatter, rendering it unconscious yet again. If it reawakens from this, it will come back with a literal eruption attack, which it can then use at will along with moves including rapid-fire fireballs.

Upon defeat, players can claim rewards for 40 Original Resin. The Pyro Regisvine not only grants players Adventure and Companionship EXP, but also Pyro Ascension Materials and Artifact Sets. While the Artifacts it drops are relatively common (Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe), players hoping to Ascend Xiangling, Klee, or any Pyro character will undoubtedly need its valuable Everflame Seeds and Agnitus Agate pieces.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.

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