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When Genshin Impact first came out in September 2020, many players and reviewers unjustly slapped a “Breath of the Wild clone” tag on it. It was not the fairest of treatments, especially considering how much the game actually differed from Nintendo’s critically acclaimed Zelda title. Sure, there were quite a lot of similarities between the two games that could not really be ignored, but the original features and gameplay components that were implemented in Genshin surely deserve some recognition.

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One of the unique aspects present in Genshin Impact is the element-based combat and original elemental abilities and powers of various characters that really diversity the gameplay and makes the game’s underlying systems much deeper and complex than they may seem at first glance. With a total of seven elements (six are playable so far), all of which can combine with each other in unique and destructive ways, the combat system in Genshin Impact is easy to grasp, but very difficult to master. One of the most underrated elements in the game is Hydro, which doesn’t mean that it does not have some useful and formidable characters to choose from.

4 Barbara

In the lore of Genshin Impact, Barbara is the Deaconess of the Church of Favonius. She provides care and support to all those who may need it. She is a beloved character in the city of Mondstadt. Plenty of characters in the game refer to her general kindness and devotedness, not only to the cause of the Knights of Favonius, but to the entire city. She is Jean’s younger sister, and is very much determined to do everything in her power to help her out.

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When it comes to combat, it is definitely not Barbara’s strongest suit. Her normal attack is shooting out water droplets that deal moderate damage even to the weakest of enemies. As for the Elemental Skill, she is able to summon a spinning shield of water around her that protects her and deals a respectable amount of damage to the enemies.

Her relative lack of attacking prowess does not make Barbara worthless, though. She has a very useful Elemental Burst, known as the Shining Miracle, which immediately restores more than half of the party’s HP

3 Xingqiu

This character is native to the Liyue region of Genshin Impact and has got a lot going for him in terms of his place in the world. Xingqiu is the second son of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, and his father places great hopes in him. In terms of character, he is a studious and hard-working young man with a lot of devotion to his family’s business, as well as the martial arts practiced by the Guhua Clan.

His fighting abilities are much more formidable than Barbara’s. The Guhua Style normal attack is not as rapid and devastating as the basic moves of certain five-star characters, but it can deal quite a lot of damage, nonetheless. His Elemental Skill increases the power of his twin hits and generates rain swords around Xingqiu that deal additional Hydro damage to enemies.

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Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst is especially good when used in combination with Cryo bursts or basic attacks. It creates a rain of swords that repetitively strikes his closest enemies, and can drain HP really quickly when combined with other elements.

2 Mona

Mona is quite a quirky character. As an astrologist (which is apparently a real profession in the world of Genshin Impact), she is an incredibly smart and rather straightforward woman. Her blunt nature is not appreciated by other astrologists, which is why she does most of her research on her own. While a lot can be said about her intellectual abilities, she isn’t particularly entrepreneurial and often runs into money problems.

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As one of the two five-star Hydro characters in the game, Mona’s combat abilities are understandably very formidable. Her normal attack, Ripple of Fate, emits water splashes at enemies, much like Barbara’s, except that her hits are much stronger than anything Barbara could throw at foes. Mona’s Elemental Skill is known as Mirror Reflection of Doom allows her to deceive enemies by creating explosive Phantoms that deal loads of damage. Finally, with Mona’s Stellaris Phantasm Elemental Burst, players can trap enemies within illusory bubbles that not only immobilize them but make them susceptible to extra damage.

1 Tartaglia

Originally hailing from Sheznaya, Tartaglia, also known as Childe, is the favorite character of many Genshin Impact players. As the Eleventh of the Harbingers of Fatui, it goes without saying that he is an incredibly formidable and dangerous character, which is reflected by his five-star rarity ranking in the game. Personality-wise, he is a mysterious, unpredictable person. No one quite understands his motives, but it has been made known that he’s a goal-oriented individual, who will stop at nothing to reach his aims.

Tartaglia is a valuable addition to any party, provided that players are lucky enough to get their hands on him, as he is by far the rarest and most powerful Hydro character in the game. His normal attacks are ranged bow shots and he can whip up as many as six consecutive strikes. His Elemental Skill turns each and every attack dealt by Childe into a Hydro DMG strike, with an incredibly powerful Riptide effect added to the mix. Havoc: Obliteration, Tartaglia’s Elemental Burst, can take three different forms: Flash of Havoc, which entails shooting a Hydro-imbued arrow, Light of Obliteration, which is a slash that deals incredibly high Hydro DMG to all enemies within reach, applying the Riptide effect to each of them, and, finally, the Riptide Blast, which explodes enemies who are affected by the Riptide effect.

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