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One of the seven elements in miHoYo’s open-world sensation, Genshin Impact, pyro is one of the most popular elements in the game. With a whole horde of playable characters who use the element, players have many choices when it comes to picking a pyro character to main. Pyro’s ability to blend so well with other elements makes it a smart choice for players just starting out in the game.

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This fiery element is used by many characters in Genshin Impact. From the plucky Amber to the distant and mysterious Diluc, pyro is a powerful element all kinds of characters and players utilize.

10 A Useful Status Effect

The first thing to note about pyro is the status effect it leaves on enemies. Some pyro attacks will leave enemies afflicted with the pyro status, which deals small bursts of the element’s damage to an enemy over time. The effect is useful when fighting an opponent with large amounts of health. The enemy’s health can be chipped away slowly while the player deals more damage with other attacks.

9 Burning Is Different From Pyro

While the pyro status effect is useful, it can be easily confused with another status effect: burning. While similar to pyro, burning deals more damage and at a much quicker pace. Players should make sure to utilize burning over pyro whenever they can to deal extra damage and take enemies down faster.

8 Be Aware Of The Environment

Seeing as pyro is one of the most powerful elements, it’s a no-brainer that this element’s users can get out of control sometimes. A majority of the environments are dendro aligned, meaning they catch fire very easily. Players should be wary of setting a whole valley on fire, as nothing is able to be re-burned until the area resets. Use pyro wisely!

7 Powerful Elemental Resonance

Pyro users have a unique passive ability when in the same party with another character affiliated with the element. This elemental resonance is called fervent flames and increases the player’s attack by 25%. The ability also decreases the time spent being affected by cryo attacks by 40%.

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Fervent flames is a good ability to have when players want to give their characters an attack boost or defense against cryo enemies.

6 Multiple Elemental Reactions

Pyro is one of the most versatile elements. Pyro users are able to combine their elemental ability with four other elements: electro, cryo, hydro, and dendro. Each reaction launches more damage at enemies, either in an AoE burst or dealing more damage over time. All of the elemental reactions for pyro are valuable as they can be used to take on any amount of enemies with ease.

5 Pyro has the most playable characters

Out of all the elements in Genshin Impact, pyro stands at seven characters in total, making it the largest element character-wise. Pyro is also the only element to feature every type of weapon user in its character roster. With so many choices for players, pyro is a great element for players who want a little bit of everything.

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With an ever-growing cast, pyro’s record of having the most characters may be broken in the near future. Its large character numbers are justified by how diverse the weapon users are in the element. Pyro also has a low number of five-star characters compared to elements like ameno.

4 Pyro has the most Polearm Characters

While two-characters may not sound like a lot, pyro is the only element to feature two polearm users. All other elements only have one (or none at all). Hu Tao (a five-star) and Xiangling (a four-star) are the two pyro characters in question, and they’re both from the land of Liyue. As there are currently only four polearm playable characters in Genshin Impact, pyro users make up 50% of this weapon’s options.

3 The Pyro Regisvine

One of the normal bosses in the game is a pyro-aligned plant in the Liyue region. This menacing monstrosity is no normal house plant. The enemy is sought out by many players for its drops, which are useful for leveling up pyro characters.

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The Pyro Regisvine has multiple attacks and four different phases for players to fight through. It’s wise for players to avoid using pyro characters here and instead switch to hydro or cryo characters. These will do more damage to the boss as it’s weak to those elements. Players should stay on their toes, watch out for attacks, and deal as much hydro and cryo damage as possible.

2 The Rumored Pyro Archon

The mysterious seven archons, the remaining gods in the world of Genshin Impact, are yet to be fully revealed. With only three official archons announced, the pyro archon is a bit of a mystery.

The pyro archon is heavily rumored to be a woman named Murata, nicknamed The Lady of Fire. Players speculate she may be a playable character when the act related to pyro’s nation is available.

1 Pyro’s Homeland

The realm of Natlan is an upcoming explorable location in Genshin Impact. This nation is home to the majority of the world’s pyro users and worships the archon related to the element. With little revealed about the realm, many speculate it will be based on Indigenous South American cultures due to the characters and environments teased so far.

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